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Re: Mercury dump... means increase in symptoms, right? by lilywhite ..... Chelation: Andy Cutler Protocol Forum

Date:   7/20/2012 2:13:53 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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hi CGally,
sorry but I rarely come to this site anymore. there are a few things I'd like to share with you.

for adrenals...your best bet for prices and quality is online. I used Adregenergize Adrenal Cortex Extract (be careful because Adregenergize also has a vegetarian vitamin supplement with the same name that is very different). I no longer need to use it because I do not need to chelate constantly like I use to. I knew I needed Adrenal Support when I felt like a ticking time bomb over nothing. Also I once bought pills that had the whole adrenal, as compared to JUST the cortex and I felt CAARRRAAZY so pay attention to the details.

During my dump which started around the 6 month mark I felt like hell was raining down on me. I would NOT TOUCH a chelator because I could not POSSIBLY have conceived of taking on an ounce more of feeling completely overloaded. My life was fine, I KNEW it was my body that was just killing me mentally. In retrospect, I would have taken DMSA to help my body flush easier, but at the time I was scared of unleashing ANYTHING more.

I was so confused during the dump that I got a bunch of tests by a naturopath and took a bunch of supplements to support different symptoms and somewhere in the midst of it I WOKE UP and realized what was happening.

and keep in mind I had read EVERYTHING...including this web forum MANY times before it. so I was VERY knowledgeable about it happening, but again COMPLETELY oblivious while it was in effect.

I remember thinking I could NOT BELIEVE that my life was FAR WORSE then it had ever been.

as for DMSA, I am a HUUUUGE fan of it because it allows me to do much higher doses of ALA with less problems. for instance, I can do 100mg of ALA OR I can do 300mg of ALA with 100mg of dmsa (every 3 hours of course) and it feels the same. when I only do 100mg of ALA I can not go an ounce higher with out the skin on my back getting super itchy. the key for me with DMSA is to take "Candida Clear" to keep the candida and stomach bugs to a minimum AND I use Peter Gilham's Calm magnesium powder in my drinks so that I am super regular. I find the more regular I am, the longer I can chelate because I do not hit the "toxed out" wall sooner. I use to get colonics, but this is a lot less of a hassle :)

the cheapest place I have found for dmsa is:

I sincerely wish you the best. the key to all of this IS LISTENING to your body.

oh, ALSO...I use DMSA for at least 3 days after my rounds to avoid ANY headaches, etc. IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM! people say you only need to do it for 24 hours after stopping ALA but I get headaches for at least 2- 2 and a half days and with the DMSA every 4 hours...NOOO problems at all!

hope this helps :)

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