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Free advice I got from a chiropractor by ways_of_wisdom ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   6/4/2012 1:49:14 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Yesterday evening I was at a Bible study and at the end we have a prayer request time during which we also share any praise we have, so I raised my hand to give thanks because since the group prayed for me 2 weeks ago I stopped having the awful attacks that scared the living daylights out of me and yesterday I even had energy to do quite a bit of cleaning.   A female friend who sat at my left had brought some literature about the "Hallellujah Diet" (raw) and we started talking about sprouting, etc., and ended up talking about candida, which I  believe I still have an overgrowth of.  She recommended to me caprylic acid as the supplement that cured her, then the guy across from me, who turned out to be a chiropractor, said he suspects we have more problems with candida because we do not consume (enough) fermented foods like people did in the past.  I had heard contradictive things about that but it made sense what he said about the good bacteria in them keeping candida in check, I then remembered that Jordan Rubin recommended them and even gave a couple of recipes in one of his books.   I explained my "attacks" were from thyroiditis but that I was sure I had adrenal fatigue and he immediately said "Eat protein every 2 hours", I thought that was pretty much what hypoglycemics like me should do anyway and I'd read hypoglycemia had to do with both the adrenals and the liver but I began to protest because I'd never or rarely been able to stick to that.  But he was pretty adamant that if I wanted to recover that's what I should do and cut the carbs down, and that also confirms what has really worked for me in the past in terms of more energy and weight loss, so I guess that's my goal now.   I enjoyed that little exchange quite a bit and thought it was actually a blessing because I almost didn't make it there, and I thought I'd share in case someone else can benefit from this free advice!


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