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Re: How has your odor impacted your friends/family? by CUPID45 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   5/4/2012 6:40:17 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I am speaking to all the ones that is waiting on God to heal them Dont give up on God because he has not given up on you! . And i do understand how you all feel im in the same boat with you so move over . what i have learned is this we all smell for different reason meaning for some it could be the food for others it could be sinus and for some it could be tmau. one thing that God does is do what knowbody else could do thats so he could and will get all the praise and glory he said i will not shair my glory with know man . what i want you to understand is that you have to help your self keep working at it the diets and with the doctors because there will be a door open to your healing he can and will use a doctor or a post to move you in the right dirction. The devil has alot of you thinking that you will always be like this and you wont. God is a jeliouse God he wants you to him self and what ever is in his will for you to get your attion he's going to do it your faith in god will keep you going some of you dont know how you have made it this fare but you have. Thats god he said he would never leave you nor forsake you . and the people that dog us out trust me they are not going to get away with it what goes around comes around . keep praying and talking to God about it stay active and kill the pitty party you are much stronger thin you knw . Let me tell you this i have had feces bo for 6 going on 7 years and last month i had a endoscopy and before this i had a doctor that could care less about me i kept asking her for different test her answer was no. and all the blood test was fine that she gave me .2 things she did a chance to see a ENT and a gastro for the collon oscopy and both doctors said i was fine. my doctor e-maild me and told me if i did not like what she was doing to go get another doctor so i called and aked to change doctors they said none was availble i went on line and went through the doctors list and found one he has done everything just about i have asked for. my knew Doctor went to school at john hoppkins he majored in chemestrey , i had asked the last doctor for the endoscopy she said know but the new doctor said yes i did the endoscopy and they found damage in my stomach part of my stomach is BLACK like firer damage and the gastro doctor said that my Esophagus is
Inflamed a little . but thats not true either it's not alittle it's alot inflamed because my chest is alway in pain and i have diet so much trying not to stink and nothing helps . i also found out that the phibulator might not be working and the odor is come back up through my esophagus and out my mouth from my stomach gurgitiated food odors ! ok and thin i went and had mouth work done .the reflux messes with your sinus and mouth i have got my mouth together and is working on my nose i have sinus drip bad . i was given augmintine 875mg 2xs aday and the dentest gave me penacillin 2000mg aday my odor is changing for the better i just dont know how much but i can tell you this cars drive behind me now still a little distance but close thin what they use to and i have been given omprosil for my acid reflux . And i have to be real with you i started to except the fact that i smell and this was it until i realize what kinda god i serve he's good and when things get bad i pray and move on because stupid people dont understand that we did not ask for this and we cant do nothing until god blesses us with a break through and we are cleaner thin they are . and in a couple of month i go back for another endoscopy to see if any change in stomach hang in their im pulling for all of us GOD IS NOT A LIER and he loves us no matter what since i know he can raise the dead and make blind eyes see again healing is not a biggie for him to do for us .

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