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Plaque or parasites? by ginger4jeff ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   1/10/2012 7:48:41 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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This always happens when I'm least expecting. I'm suspecting parasites. I'll tell ya the story. I was in a hurry yesterday morning. Made my coffee and needed to get it done before heading out. I really like my coffee on the hotter side but this was just ridiculous! So I just let a little in and waited,took my time so it would cool done and it eventually did but I know it was really stinkin hot at first :/ I had an awesome day but by the afternoon felt unusually tired and sore. My period is ending,so u should feel great right now. After dinner and our daughter was in bed I used the restroom. I thought I was done but when I went to wipe,something was there :o I don't think it was plaque,isn't plaque blackish? I had to physically pull it out(it reminds me of when paint coagulates (sp?). It's slimy on the outside but gummy on the inside). It was on the rubbery side too. After I was good and traumatized, I went and laid on the couch and asked my husband to rub my back. I laid on my stomach but immediately got up saying "ow ow ow!!!" It was crazy painful,I immediately had a flash back of being 10 years old with parasite pain :( it stopped and I just continued to have small stabbing pains,that were tolerable. I havent taken anything for parasites in idk two months?? Was it the really hot coffee? I know no one really knows,just sharing my thoughts. Oh and I took laxatives last night. When they woke me this am,I went. WORST SMELL EVER,like something died!! And looked all like what I passed the night before...hmmm

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