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Re: Interesting video from a Dr. about Ovaries, Adrenals and Thyroid by Ganae8 ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   12/27/2011 1:57:47 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Shira Shira,I know how you feel honey. I wish there was a precise healing treatment for us as well. I thought at first maybe just my progesterone was low but I have been using progesterone cream and it helps calm me and helps with sleep for when I'm not on my period but unfortunately around my period is the hardest time for me :( And during my flare up time, as I like to call it, it didn't offer much relief. What are your symptoms? And how long have you been post Mirena? Mine are horrible panic/anxiety, insomnia,depression, burning arms and neck, heart palpitations, dry mouth, dry eyes, night sweats, hot flashes (just turned 26 so don't think it's menopause) and problems with digestion and I'm currently 6 months post. I'm currently seeing a Dr. here in Denver that does a wide range of testing and does bio identical hormones, nutrition and vitamins/herbs. On my blood test recently we found out after a CRP test my heart was severely inflamed, I'm battling a chronic bacteria, I'm hypoglycemic and had very low cholesterol and low blood pressure. I just completed a hormone saliva panel that measured my hormone levels from period to period and my results just came in and I have an appointment Thursday for that. They are testing thyroid and DHEA as well as the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone so we will see. My Dr. did put me on a detox for 21 days and it helped with my digestion. And she did tell me that since my cholesterol is low that isn't necessarily a good thing because you need cholesterol, more specifically the good kind (omega 3) to produce progesterone and other hormones as well as for inflammation and for cell membranes. So I have been taking 1200 mg of fish oil twice a day and it seems to have helped with my heart palpitations. I'm still suffering from anxiety and trouble getting to sleep so she gave me adrenal support supplements and a adrenal calming cream. It seems to be helping but only time will tell because I have thought I have been better in the past then BAM I have another crash :( I will keep you posted on everything and know you're not alone and we can beat this thing!

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