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Re: Severe Eczema came back after medical procedure and BC by Michael B ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   11/1/2011 11:20:03 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I had dry, itchy skin with white spots covering my entire back, chest, under arms, and stomach for over a decade. It was socially humiliating and infuriating to deal with. It consumed my life in everyway imaginable. I tried everything known to man to cure it, sometimes to the extreme for example direct applications of essential oil of oregano, urine soaks, raw garlic poultices, etc.

Things finally changed for me when I came across a story of some woman curing her chronic skin problems by going on... the atkins diet! Now I don't recommend this, obviously, but there is one critical element about the atkins diet that contributed to her cure: you don't eat any carbs (except some greens here and there). So I said, what the hell, ive done everything else so i will try a variation of it. So I ate only green leafy vegetables and some eggs and fish and voila- massive candida die-off.

I then dropped the meat and just went 100% greens. Buckets and buckets of intestinal fungus came flying out of my rectum for endless months.

I was so consumed with eliminating all the candida from my intestines that I comepletely forgot about my skin problems. Lo and behold, it dissipated to the extent my intestines became free of candida. Treat the root cause of an ailment and you treat the symptoms automatically. Those of us trying to heal ourselves are all guilty of spending way to much time, money, and energy on supplements, applications, and wimpy little herbs hoping it will solve our deep and severe complications. It doesn't work this way. We have to identify the root causes of an issue, and hit them HARD.

You said "I've tried every diet possible, short of starving myself." Well, you may have to reach that "starving yourself" point to weaken the candida sufficiently to kill it and shift the tide of battle. For example, when I ate *mostly* greens but still included some nuts and seeds, the dieoff halted entirely. Think about that for a moment.

Along with the all greens diet I also took a great supplement called "candex" which digests the cell wall of candida. It is the only supplement I found to work effectively against candida. Others like coconut oil worked here and there, but not nearly to the effect of candex + all greens. I should note: candex was completely ineffective without the all green diet.

Eventually I regained my strength, built myself back up, and have achieved spontaneous candida dieoff while continuing to eat carbs. Freeing my bile flow with Liver Flushing and lowering my mercury levels with DMSA chelation helped with this, but remember I had to first shift the tide of battle and take back my body and it was the greens + candex that did this.

Now I have cured my skin ailment, along with other huge and debilitating issues like chronic sinusitis, chronic fatigue, and an inability to assimilate nutrients. It all started from wanting my skin back. Now I have amazing and richly tanned skin to show off the beautifully sculpted muscles I gained after returning to a normal diet and growing the muscle I should have had all my life were it not for systemic candidiasis. But believe me, NO ONE ELSE created this change for me except MYSELF. In retrospect, I feel as though I never should have gotten systemic candidiasis to begin with.

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Best of wishes and I hope you create the healing you long for.
Michael B

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