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Re: shunning by Southern Belle ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   10/25/2011 7:25:44 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Loved your response, Mira. I am not sure why you posted on shunning, Doc, but if it is regarding Cz, this has been around for a long time. Shunning has run off more than one great forum owner and hundreds of posters. We have lost great moderators because of it, too. It usually comes off very subtly at first with a personal e-mail planting a seed of doubt regarding another poster, but with tons of flattery to the person receiving the e-mail. Before you know it, you are drawn in and believe the person who originated the e-mail and you are part of something you never intended to be a part of.........

If you or someone you know receives e-mails like I just described, you need to stop and ask yourself these questions:

1. If this person is talking about this one and that one, is he talking about me? The answer is a 100% YES!!!!! Never forget that, either. The best way I have found to handle this is to NEVER become too close to anyone on Cz.

2. Curezone should be ALL about getting healthy. The person who is spending his/her time constantly on the compter writing about this and do they have time to become healthy? You need to ask yourself exactly what have they done to better themselves? Part of being healthy is having a clean and pure mind and if all they do is try and put down this one and that one, their mind is filled with bitterness and they are on Cz for other reasons.

3. I have said for years that people that are constantly on the computer causing problems (and I am only speaking about the troublemakers) have too much time on their hands. If they can work, get a job!! Don't expect computer clicks to support you. There have been few who have succeeded in making money with clicks. For most, it's just a dream.

If you think writing to the owner of this website helps you, forget that idea. He is a smart man and practices what he believes on this website. He continues to look for ways to become healthy. Recently, a lawsuit was threatened towards him and everyone jumped in like the world was ending for Cz. I laughed. It's been tried before and will be tried again and the owner is very equipped with knowledge to handle anything threats. Don't be so quick to judge him.

Recently, I met an old acquaintance who told me he was a "troll" on the Internet. He was not familiar with our website, but he is in the process of educating me on how he makes fake IDs and pretend you are someone else. It has been fascinating and enlightning to now see who is actually posting what on Curezone.


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