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Re: Why is Cutler so against supplemental glutathione? by #5043 ..... Chelation: Andy Cutler Protocol Forum

Date:   10/19/2011 12:37:58 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Well Joe, I respect your opinions/viewpoints, but I guess we'll have to just agree to disagree on some points.

Perhaps I did overgeneralize -- but if anyone goes to omibasu, or the FDC group and does a search -- many of the things I mention above are in fact his recommendations, especially about the b-complex vitamins. Very dated information on that subject, although yes, he does say at times that some people need to start slow and with small doses.

Problem is, that should be pointed out every time he says "take b50 3 times a day..." etc. (And again, the b50's IMHO should never be used. B-vitamins in nature do not come in equal milligram strengths for a reason.

""He's always dismissive of methylation problems,"

== I don't know how you could say this."

Well, how about this exchange from 2010:

"> > I had genetic testing showing I have a very impaired methylation cycle

No, you had an irrelevant genetic test that was used as an excuse to get you topay a lot of money for advice unrelated to what will happen if you do various things.

>> and was told that methylation would help my body remove metals among other

Further false information you probably paid a lot of money for.

> > Would so appreciate any help on this!

Stop paying people to confuse you with innacurate information. If you have
mercury, chelate properly, per pages 225-237 in Hair Test Interpretation:
Finding Hidden Toxicities, and get better."

If that isn't dismissive (and self-serving) I don't know what is. Calling methylation defects and genetic mutations "irrelevant"?

"".. while they may become dangerously deficient in b12 and folate in the process."

== Only if they do nothing rather than address them!"

Well, if some have genetic mutations in their methylation pathways, some forms of b12 and folate will make them WORSE. So some folks may need the genetic testing that Andy dismisses, in order to PROPERLY and SAFELY "address" these possible deficiencies and/or blocks. Again, FOLIC ACID, will cause massive problems in 40-50% of folks if they have some of these mutations. But this is "false" information, even though these mutations and their effects have been published in clinical studies that can be found in pubmed.

I agree with you that perhaps Andy is still not fully well or "100%", and perhaps he has never claimed to be. But his own website suggests that chelation doesn't take very long:

"So most victims have pretty serious, unpleasant health problems (like fibromyalgia or severe allergies) and they really need to make these STOP for the year or two it can take to get fully detoxed and let your body heal."

In other places on his site he says 24-36 months if severely poisoned. But it also says near the top of the site that "he wrote this book to help them get well fast."

Deeeeeep breath.

I respect you Joe, but again, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.


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