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Re: Living in foreign country, not sure what I have by codepink ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/30/2011 10:59:49 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Topical capsaicin @.015% concentration was extremely effective in relieving the itching and eliminating my rashes. My entire left arm and left hip broke out in red bumps that kept spreading in my first week on Humaworm, due to the huge toxin load of the initial die-off as well as the what appears to be disseminated strongyloides crawling around under my skin. I couldn't sleep for days, and my skin developed a thick hide-like texture. The Humaworm topical cream worked somewhat, but I got major PMS symptoms from the phytoestrogens in the tea tree oil.

I used a liquid capsaicin for quicker absorption, and within 15-20 minutes the itching completely stopped. The capsaicin will burn, and the burn is intermittent for 18-24 hours in my case. Within a day, the rashes almost disappeared. I reapplied ligghtly the second day, and the Psoriasis or uticaria or whatever has completely disappeared. That was 4 days ago, and they have not returned or moved elsewhere. I suspect I might have killed some of the subcutaneous larvae as well as I no longer feel the crawling or see larvae coming out of my arm.

Capsaicin has been used as an analgesic but there's evidence that it's useful for Psoriasis :

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As I understand it, pain and itch signals use different neural pathways, but use similar neurotransmitters, thereby availing capsaicin for
management of skin conditions not responsive to histamine blockers.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck.


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