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Re: UT and hypothyroid by Supafruit ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   8/14/2011 1:57:12 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi Girls, I have cured myself of hectic mould by drinking every drop and in my investigation of mould have discovered it to be the underlying cause of almost everything, even hypothyroid which my sister has.

Please see this article on mould/yeast/fungi, and how it affects the thyroid:

Mould isn't just candida and candida doesn't always manifest as thrush. Most humans suffer from a candida or mould infestation one way or another. It is a fact that cancer is now recognised to be triggered my mould toxins. The China Study is a must for anyone trying to get into health. Fungalbionics is another work that makes things plain.

So curing hypothyroid isn't just about drinking urine, its about a change of diet and thus lifestyle, and initially at least a 3 month period of absolute fanatasism and ardent effort. Some people dont' think it is worth it, but it is more than worth it: no food tastes like good health feels.

The diet is life-oriented and everything must be as fresh as possible and have its enzymes alive in itself. I am talking about a low fat (less than 10% calories from fats) RAW vegan diet. Also called LFRV, or 80/10/10, or Fruitarianism.

This diet goes hand in hand with urine therapy. They are made for each other.

Your urine will taste divine, your joy spring through the roof, lazy bones all my life I sold the car and bought a bicycle. Meditation reached another realm. My heart has opened. Lucid dreaming.. the benefits go on and on.

The natural state of the organism is bliss and there is no other way to realise it. Please research the low fat raw vegan / fruitarian way, or contact me. Please be aware that it is unlikely you will heal of any mould condition while you eat mould products: bread, cheese or alcohol.

From Katie


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