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How severe i could be... by byron1122 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   6/20/2011 6:46:05 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Okay lets just say when this all started it was after i ejaculated. I didn't know what the heck happened. my prostate became inflammed as well. Doctors had me thinking i had a infection when i didn't. So those weeks of taking Antibiotics may have done some damage on my body but i wised up and stopped taking those Antibiotics .

After i ejaculated i became really tired, i was like breathing heavily, i had headaches, and also the fuzzy vision and eye floaters and i was shaky. All this was back in Feb 2011. When my prostate became inflammed i thought i caused some sort of prostate cancer. i was so depressed because of all this. Soon i realized i had AF and some other possible Hormonal Imbalances. i started to diet and began taking the fish oil that my mom had in the cabinet. the EPA wasn't that high on it thought i just need something to help my body out. i started eating more vegetables, fruits and vegetables. and it has helped. (atleast thats what i think, it may not have helped.)

Today i mean i am no where as bad as i used to be. I can actually sleep a lot better than before. I still get the mild headaches but i think i need to be looking forward to a good diet and supp. at my job i'm always on my feet for hours so i can guess that is good enough exercise. i sometimes still get this strong throbbing at my head. but it hasn't been happening as much as it was.

Right now i'm starting to think about getting some 5HTP. i hear if you take it to much you'll build up a tolerance.

So tell me what you guys think.

Also what Supps should i be getting?


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