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Re: Introduction by wombat ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/13/2011 9:47:08 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hello and welcome:)

I'm curious about your diet- is this a diet recommended to you or has someone prescribed this?

I can see one area(well, two) of concern. The first is that I don't see any source of fats in your diet with the exception of corn chips and those no doubt are fried in high polyunsaturated fat oils(not good). You need healthy fats in your diet, not only are they nutritious in and of themselves, fats aid in absorption of other nutrients found in vegetables, etc. And they taste good! So get some good omega 3s in the diet...Alkaliza's suggestion is very good.

The second is iron.

I guess that there are three. Protein?

The thing that strikes me about your situation is that even if you upped your iodine, you probably would not be able to utilize it due to your impaired digestion and I'm assuming protein malnutrition and iron deficiency, so I am going to respectfully disagree with the others here re: upping the dose(internally). I think that you need to heal your gut first and think about alternate means of getting iodine.

One method would be topical. You can paint Iodine on your breasts, over your ovaries. Top with oil to reduce evaporation. You can use Iodine vaginally, soak a tampon in Iodine diluted in water, or make boluses out of hard oils(cocoa butter, coconut oil) and iodine.

Here's some info on how Dr.. John Meyers dealt with FBD in particular:


And I have never recommended this product only because I have no experience with it. From what I can see though, Dr. Vickery is well acquainted with the literature and understands that protein malnutrition impedes absorption of iodine so perhaps this product will work for you, follow link for complete text:

"The protein that the body uses for iodine transport (sodium Iodide symporter) needs to be sufficient in quantity also in order to deal with the influx of iodine now available for utilization as the bromine and fluorine are being pushed out. A protein deficient person will not be able to do this so it is wise not to begin iodine loading until your patient is no longer protein deficient. (Vitamin C is also helpful in supporting the symporter system as shown by Dr. Abraham, although he is unaware of the protein deficiency factor.) Utilization of the Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids should bring them up fairly quickly.

Of course, the application of both the Sea minerals and the Platinum Plus together will also cause a very rapid and thorough flushing of heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, cadmium and lead. This is indispensable for those patients with mercury fillings, as the fillings are always putting small amounts of mercury into the system, which is rapidly cleared by the use of these two products. While I have already had great success with metal removal using just the Platinum Plus I find the use of the Sea Minerals to enhance the Platinumís action

While the liquid iodine Lugolís tests well for people, it is hard to regulate the dosage. Drs Abraham and Brownstein promote the iodine tablet Ioderal, I have had one patient who could not tolerate this tablet and intend to test others presently. (When this patient was asked how she experienced iodine loading on the Vickery Sea Plant Minerals, she replied, ďItís like coming home.Ē)

I find the Vickery Sea plant Minerals which uses a high iodine form of organic kelp powder, to be very gentle but effective in iodine loading and supplementation as well as supplying ionic trace minerals and plant processed vitamins. Kelp is also high in the essential sugars which are an integral part of our immune proteins (gamma globulins) as well as being important in intercellular communication. Essential sugars are involved in red blood cell metabolism (although the mechanism is unclear their presence is apparent) While essential sugars are involved in many protein complexes, by themselves they also help keep bacteria such as streptococcus mutans (dental caries) and staph from finding receptor space in the body.

I have had a number of patients that continued to register iodine deficiency even after initial 12 mg supplementation with the Sea Minerals. I realized that their gut absorption must be very low due to prolonged protein deficiency. For these patients I have a product that they can use temporarily until their gut heals sufficiently to absorb the Vickery Sea Plant Minerals(We chose Laminaria Digitata because of itís highest iodine content) This product, Sea- Aloe Gold ©,
contains a mix of the Sea Minerals along with organic Aloe Barbadensis Miller(200:1) to soothe and promote a rapid healing of the gut epithelial tissue, plus promoting absorption up to 7X more than water, of the iodine. I have had tremendous success with this product since it is also fungicidal, viricidal, and bacteriacidal. It is considerably more expensive. I have also found it to be beneficial in GERD cases where stomach iodine reserves are low and the gastric mucosa inflamed, the aloe proves to be very healing and soothing to the epithelial lining of the stomach while also promoting iodine accumulation."


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