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alb by Mighty.Sun.Tzu ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   1/30/2011 9:29:53 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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"Depends on weather and what you do in it. Go out on hot day and do bunch of work dry fasting."

Certainly that makes a difference ALB, nobody ever said it didn't... and you, I and everybody else who has read your comments know(s) that your negative input on the subject of dry fasting and even on "drinking only to thirst" was not limited to what the weather was like and how much the individual was working.

Other key factors in addition to temperature and level of activity are humidity and whether bathing and otherwise coming into contact with water or going absolutely dry.

"No weakness, lightheadedness, dark urine ,or other dehydration symptoms? Or did you think those symptoms were detox?"

Weakness and lightheadedness are indeed symptoms of detox.  I experienced both many times back when i drank a gallon or more of water per day while fasting (not knowing any better at the time) and peeing 4-5 times in the middle of the night having to sit down to do it lest i pass out. 

A good way to distinguish dehydration from detox is drying skin which occurs as a first stage symptom.
You can't take your first ever fast and believe that everybody in a fast will react exactly as you have in this one...  Fast multiple times and listen to 100 people who have done the same then get back to us on what symptoms are typical to fasting, whether with excessive water, drinking only to thirst or with dry fasting.  You could always also read what the masters have to say on the subject, the masters who have fasted tens of thousands of people, gaining an immeasurable treasure of knowledge on the subject along the way. 

... or you can continue to believe that you are the one people should come to for advice based on the beliefs you have formulated in your very first ever "fast" and without the benefit of openly learning from the true experts (yes like Dr. Shelton and Dr. Fuhrman whom you believe yourself to be more knowledgable than).  

Alb, you don't have a shred of scientific evidence that detox does not exist and yet you repeatedly dismiss it as if you were certain it didn't.

"Should I link the dehydration symptoms again?"

You might as well, why stop being redundant now?  And can you run your entire story past us once again as well... you now, the one about how both you and your wife felt light headed because you allowed your water intake to dip below your normal 8-10 glasses(and your wife passed out)and once you both drank more water everything got better? 

Also if you don't mind, we all want to hear just one more time about how it's ok to drink artificially sweetened soda, take green tea capsules, vitamins and over the counter medications... and to otherwise interrupt the fast with tiny sips of juice...  and how people can pm you to learn all about these little pearls of wisdom.

... yes, all because the people in this forum are too "purist" and "mystical" and believe that a water-only fast is absolutely perfect exactly as it is and that perfection can not be improved upon by adding anything to it.

"You are taking in no salt and no carbs nothing on dry fasting.So can't possibly see how you won't be dehyrdated pretty quickly."

You heard it from the horse's mouth.  7 days dry and he was comfortable.  Fonty had the same experience.  Do you think people actually experiencing dehydration are going to be comfortable?  Truly you seem to have become fixated on the idea of how easy it is for people to become dehydrated while fasting and in the face of all the evidence to the contrary your ideas remain absolutely unshakable.

Before speaking out as if you were an expert on the subject, how much have you actually studied up on dry fasting?  How much have you experienced it to know for yourself what it's like?  What?  None?

"But hey whatever as said you guys can believe what you want. Breatharians think they can live on air! LOL"

It is way beyond mere belief at this point.  Trimnut is living proof that he can dry fast comfortably for 7 days.  Here again are his words:

"Seven day dry fasts here: No symptoms of dehyrdation.
Noting unpleasant: Rather the opposite."

He knows it with absolute certainty because he has done it.


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