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Medical Malpractice: Emergency by scaredscaredscared ..... Injustice, Fraud & Crime Watch

Date:   1/17/2011 7:03:28 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I am really scared and feel I cannot get help from doctors no matter what I do or say.

What happened is this: 2 nights ago I accidentally while eating a mango swallowed a LARGE piece of the mango skin. It temporarily blocked my esophagus but after several very painful minutes went down. I didn't dare try to pull it out by sticking my fingers down my throat, lest I choke.

Once the thing was in my stomach, I started to get bad, sharp, intermittent pain in my upper right CHEST! I have had this kind of pain in my chest (though not the right-hand side) due to gas bloating in my large intestine before -- due to how nerves work. I wasn't scared by this pain, and the doctor I saw later confirmed that maybe a nerve traveling to my esophagus also travels to my upper chest area??? And trauma to the esophagus would be registered in another branch of the nerve as well therefore in another part of the body??? i did not understand this and NEED to. Anyone? ... I conjecture that also since the large intestine reacts anticipatorily to food eaten, this chest pain might have been due to gas produced in the intestine; though I was not really gas-bloated at the time of the incident (though I was constipated, xrays confirmed)

ANYWAY. I went to the ER. I asked to have my stomach pumped out since such a large object might cause harm in my system. They refused to pump my stomach although they did say, NOT in response to my suggesting it, that I might end up with intestinal blockage, a possibly fatal condition necessitating open abdominal surgery. ... So they aren't going to induce vomiting even if there's the possibility of THIS???? I was appalled and terrified, and really am convinced that what they did was severely neglectful and abusive. Refusing to get an object out of my stomach that could cause such harm.

I have eaten nothing since the incident. I have had about 3 swallows of water, all today, all about 2 hours ago, after which my stomach (the specific organ, not the general area/abdomen) has hurt quite sharply and consistently. I also have slight pain in the liver area and have since about last night.

FIRST: DO NOT RESPOND if you are going to criticize fasting, or even dry fasting, as a healing modality or tell me it is inappropriate here. Just GO THE F-CK AWAY. I MEAN THIS WITH ALL MY SOUL. IT IS TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR ME TO EAT ANY THING. END OF DISCUSSION. I NEED REAL HELP. I WILL ***NOT*** INTERFERE WITH MY BODY'S HEALING BY EATING ANYTHING.

I truly trust fasting as the safest course here. I just want to know: is my body actually going to be able to dissolve and pass this (extremely large, unchewed, extremely, unusually tough) piece of mango skin -- by steeping it in stomach acid for several days (since it seems like it is still in my stomach -- why else would my stomach hurt so much on my drinking a few swallows of water?) -- or is this just never going to dissolve, not before I die of dehydration, from the necessity of NOT drinking water, in order that the stomach acid remain as concentrated as possible on this piece of mango skin (VERY VERY TOUGH SKIN, please bear in mind -- very unusually tough -- like leather.)

I just don't want to go back to the hospital because I don't want to go through the agony and humiliation again, and have my time wasted and be told I am fine when I am not, and be sent away with my life still in danger, I don't know why I really don't want to go but this is what it occurs to me to say to you right now.

I will probably go tomorrow if tomorrow a few swallows of water have the same painful effect. I will lie still, fasting and resting, until tomorrow night, and give myself until 7 pm, or maybe till the next morning, just to give my body a real chance at attacking this peel. Then I will go back to the hospital if the water still hurts to drink.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience? How was it resolved? Am I going to die if my stomach is not pumped out? Should I just be concentratedly trying to make myself vomit? Please write to me. Please help me.


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