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Re: What Your Not Being Told by trust2009 ..... Spirituality Forum

Date:   1/7/2011 6:01:01 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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you are right. I have been observing the same as you and many did so in the past and you understand well what they refer to and lead us to and also these many ones lead us today - all physycian, priests, and legistlators have to become to nothing because now we understand that have hunger for light themselves for they are looking for money and not really to take care of our lives. ANd know that that light is our lives. They worry if they know the truth that not making poisonous-creating money they will not live. I thank you, for I was so much unhelped and rediculed getting in serious matter that their solusion is forcing me to take drugs - this way is the only way to deal with their fear of an upsurge for us and change so we will have natural survival again that will change their evil cource of life. Nature for them is evil and you know it in their heart where is taking place in spirit or feeling of life. So it is that once you take the pill you become in their mercy and so you keep them important. Hah, what can we do for their children so that they can make their living by defining us as sick people and so more lies and deceptive and dangerous service. yes to change the evil system or the undergoing distruction of lives all of us have to change by looking into the light to live and by giving it to others. we have to fight by not having fear as to going to stave even if we do not obey these evil forces of those who want just to make money - they are just serving the fear in them and so the hate of life and then more will to distroy indeed everything existing. When there is no LOVE then there is no home or place to enjoy to stay and admire the beauty and intoxication of live exitement and wonderful energy from lives source and not the damn drugs and things of evil unsatisfying desire that lead to self-suicide at the end. They you would have know that in the heart there is Satan or snake or the alien reptilian. Thank you indeed for have the light and bravery to speak freely and right. Nature first and money last so drugs and addiction to fear and Depression and lack of energy - Get energy and this is the right drug for your sound soul and give light into the darkness of others but not of rot for the sake of fear of starving of food and sex and family love. Then all we will work with joy for it sake and so have the energy of love in it that shows it to others and no work that harm at all - things will turn to instrument that gives lives and not kill and kill. CO-CREATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yOU KNOW THAT gOD WAS HEAR BEFORE YOU DO YOU SO DESIRE SOMETHING OUT OF LOVE THEN IT IS THEN READY IN FRONT OF YOU BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE THAT KIND OF lOVE AND ENERGY OF CREATION THROUGH YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS OR GOD 'S CREATION EVOLVING IN YOU AND YOU TASTE IT. IT IS REAL SERIOUS INDEED AND THAT IS ........

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