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Dental infection? by bpw ..... Dental Health: Health Care Tips

Date:   1/3/2011 7:00:37 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I should have posted here before. Last September I went to a dentist who failed to deliver what we had agreed upon by email before I came to his office. I have 2 adjacent teeth (#18,@19, lower left) that both have significant problems. One had a cavity, which he told me he had to remove the tooth to below the gumline to take care of it, altho he never covered it with anything except a temporary double crown. The bottom line is that since then I've developed what I believe is a dental infection originating in this area. BTW, 2 years ago another dentist told me that one of those teeth need to be watched because it looked like a bone infection might be setting in after I had another dentist perform a ??? (can't remember the name) on that tooth -- cutting away some of the root (but another dentist told me he cut too much away).
Anyway since mid-September I've been developing symptoms of a dental infection and I think it's originating here, except a dentist last week took an x-ray and said there is not a dental infection there. But I sleep all the time, am completely wiped out, and most significantly have gobs of mucus coming out of the mouth all the time. I (sesame) oil pull with oregano oil and that still doesn't take care of it. I also have a very sour taste in my mouth.
Does anybody have any suggestions? The dentist told me to go to a medical doctor and see if I have a sinus infection. I have developed this past week some mucus coming from the nose, but it's nothing compared to what comes out of my mouth, and that problem is ordinary, but the mucus coming out of my mouth (which I do think drains into the sinus cavity) is such a large amount.
What could this be? What should I do? Any suggestions. Thanks!

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