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Date:   11/27/2010 7:52:10 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I was hoping that maybe some of you could give me your opinion. Right now, I am so confused. I believe that I suffer from severe Body Odor , but at the same time I do not know how much of it is in my head. My family members swear that they do not smell anything, and neither do the past three doctors I have seen. However, I believe I do based on what I observe. I notice that people rub their noses and cough whenever I am around (apparently people can smell me from ten to twenty feet away). People would ask "what's that smell?" around me, and one woman at work made it a point to cough every time I passed her by. Another woman at work (a nursing home) had walked past me and said, "Someone smells!" While on the Internet, I ran into information regarding olfactory reference syndrome. I seem to match it perfectly, although I'm positive that I smell. I have had OCD tendencies (I would tap on things and always add numbers up) in the past, as well as Depression and a form of body dysmorphic disorder (I used to think I was very ugly and obsessed about it, often thinking that I could hear people talk about my ugliness). I don't experience these now, but the odor thing has completely consumed me. I stay on the computer all day trying to find answers (I now stay at home 24/7... I no longer ride in a car anymore for fear that people will smell me when the windows are down). It looks like both sides are possible. I used to ignore an ORS diagnosis, but I'm thinking about it more now because of my other mental problems. What do all of you think? Do I sound like I may have a Body Odor condition or do I just sound crazy? I know that no one can say for sure, but I just want opinions based on what I've said.

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