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seeing some improvement (25% cured in 2 days!!) by warriorqueen ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   11/25/2010 3:57:12 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi there. im so glad i found this forum. i did not even know what this skin disorder is called and i was very worried about my bottom lip, which keeps peeling in 48hr cycle.

EC staretd to happen slowly when i went OFF wheat 3 months ago. i stopped eating wheat gluten, cos i found i was allergic to it, im also allergic to dairy. so i dont eat bread etc... im almost vegan, though i do eat fish. i dont take any animal fats.

i thought i was just having chapped lip (only happens on my bottom lip), so i have been using all natural balms. my tooth paste is all natural one, i dont lick lips or bite, i drink planty of water. and was taking multivitamins everyday cos i thought maybe i need vitamins to cure my EC. but my lip has been in severe condition where the skin peels off almost everyday in 48hr cycle or much less.

i found resources on this site LAST NIGHT and i stopped taking multi vitamins and stopped picking my lip by force, i started to wash mouth with warm water, i stopped rubbing my lips, and only eating brown rice since last night. almost like fasting. no sugar, no juice, nothing sweet. no black tea, alcohol, like candida diet but im eating just brown rice.

ofcourse my bottom lip gets hard and start peeling BUT the cycle is changing from 48hours to something like 70 hours, massive improvement. it could be longer if i keep doing what im doing now i only stared last night, so i dont know yet.

AND i can actually see very healthy part of skin unaffected by EC (not the "square one" type new skin after peeling) but the same as my healthy top lip, that part is about 15% of my bottom lip now! WOW. i never had this healthy looking patch in the last 3 months. on that part, theres no sign of dryness or hardness like other part of my bottom lip.

this is my progress, i dont know how its gonna be but i will keep posting and reporting whenever i can. all i want is to slow down this peeling cycle step by step.. im not expecting overnight success. my target for now is 3 day cycle instead of 2 days. and hoping for the expansion of my healthy patch which staretd from bottom side of my mouth!!

it IS happening !!


peeling cycle slowing down A LOT. healthy, normal part is increased from 0% to 15% (overnight), then 25%. still 75% of my bottom lip becomes hard and starts that peeling process. took me less than 2 days to see the improvement !!!

very happy now.

will come back here and report how it goes.

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