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Date:   9/22/2010 1:41:49 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Has anyone read through all the recommended posts? I'm seeing a trend where a lot of people feel that candida is not it's own problem, but in fact we need to switch to a raw/vegan diet and kidney and liver cleanse then heavy metal detox. In fact some people switch to eating 80% fruit for their diet to get rid of candida.

I haven't taken any pharmaceuticals yet and I've reached a plateau in my recovery and I'm going to try following those posts. I think I've truly taken natural antifungals and Elimination Diets as far as they can go, I've rotated and combined, Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, raw garlic, Undecylnic Acid, Coconut Oil, Capyrlic Acid, Agrisept, Morinda, Wormwood , Psylium shakes with all the above and I just can't break out of this barely functional place in my life.

It hurts to try and in this sick state we're in we have much less than a healthy person does to give so to even hope that a new treatment which goes against other treatments we've heard of costs a lot. But I don't want to hear about people saying why this treatment sounds bogus, because I can come up with reasons why every treatment could be bogus. But if anyone has actually tried doing this and failed, your experience would be helpful. I realized once you stop trying to get healthy, you have lost the battle. Putting your hands in programs other people develop and western medicine is exactly that, giving up. It's saying "I don't have the power anymore to try on my own, so let some other expert who doesn't compassionately listen to me do the work". And we all do this to varying degrees at varying times. Let's all try to get better together, instead of venting to others who are in the same or worse position.


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