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Re: Starting New WF if Anyone Wants to Join Me... by powerray ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   8/27/2010 6:15:48 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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hey wd
ok so i had a panic attack today (neurological effect of recent overeating) and ate today though only about half as much as yesterday.
ok so im trying to start fasting as of NOW (fri 2am)
im so ill and in such a bad way
i need to fast so badly and it is so hard psychologically as I am so anxious
Im glad I am here and hope to get strong non-fearful non-discouraging support to just Believe and Fast.. im having to do so much spiritual work to get out of teh triggering foods I have had this relapse into
I am scared and out of control and it takes a lot for me to write this
My plan tentatively is to fast 3 days fri to Mon
then 3 days break from fasting
THEN a LONG fast as long as I can fast for.
I would really like to just get brave and do 30 days. I know I would be fine and my body would love me for it
I basically need to get spiritually raised up to achieve this though since my food-overeating addiction (which I experience as a spiritual affliction) stands in my way. Creates a lot of fear of fasting, basically, or a sense of misery around fasting.
Planning to meditate if I can these 3 days in the little 3-day fast
I don't know if I am even going to succeed in this 3-day fast.
I am so sorry to be such a weak support.
I am so anxious to fast and my body is SO anxious to fast but I .. may need to do diet cleanup for a little bit???

Still I want to try to fast these 3 days with you at least. Maybe I can commit to eating like 200 calories a day so the psychological shock of going from overeating to fasting is not so great. Fasting is EXACTLY what I SHOULD do -- the body needs rest IMMEDIATELY when it is overburdened -- but, agonizingly, it is harder, the more accustomed one is to the triggering food which necessitates the fasting in the first place. ....there certainly is NO physical shock in fasting; fasting is gentle and I hate when people sit there saying dont fast. it is SO HORRIBLE such a horrible thing to say to someone who needs to fast I think there is no worse thing one could say to someone suffering ... so I hesitate to post all this honesty here cause of how damaging the reactions are to me sometimes. I wish I knew and could prove the healthiness and safety of fasting... I can only think back to what I have read of the old-time fasting experts who are so fearless and who are the most convincing authors to me... sometimes I feel maybe the tapering-off type of diet is HARDER than fasting. I just know that I am ill, from my overeating /triggering foods relapse, and having panic attacks as the neurological consequence of my intestinal condition; and this whole situation I am in calls for fasting immediately and for a long time.. and I have such despair of ever learning to fast as I need to,
Anyway I will try to fast with you so please keep me posted about how you are doing and any helpful thoughts for me would be most appreciated!! Powerray

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