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Re: 1st Day of 40 Days Water Fast by BoristhePillager ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   8/23/2010 8:37:31 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Nyet, sweetie. You don't discourage people, but by your testimony of what you go through, you inform prospective fasters. This was my second fast of any length and I did the first one blind of any guidance or research, refed very poorly and probably nearly killed myself without realizing it. I did it a bit differently this time.

Remember, my original plan was to go 21 days. The last one I did, I planned for maybe 5 days and I just so happened to go 8. That one seemed easy, but I cheated by chainsmoking whenever I felt uncomfortable and smoking marijuana. This last time, I did it to beat smoking. 21 days seemed quite a stretch to not eat, and to also abstain from my other favorite vice, which is the drink, while trying to beat the vice that has held me down these 11 years. It was people like you struggling with their fasts and posting their discomforts and troubles that allowed me to think with my stubborn, Russian, self-bravado that I could do it. Part of it was the research I did, part of it was this mental innate, jump in the deep, cold end mentality that once I get my head around, I do.

Perhaps the only thing that kept me from going the 21 was the prudence that maybe some of my age or experience or research in the subject of fasting gave me. I realized that it would be dangerous to go further for me for the reasons I've listed above. As hard as day 11 was before I started refeeding, I could've made it through and would be finishing my original goal in just under 24 hours as I sit here and write this.

Still, 11 days has given me much that I did not know about or expect. I've not smoked and barely wanted to since I started fasting(well maybe the first day or 2). I have drank relativly very little compared to how I used to drink and do not really miss my old drinking habits too much. I do miss the alcohol tolerance, I had 9 beers and a shot Thursday, which wouldn't faze me a month ago, and I was drunk. I've been running, without hacking up a lung, which I haven't been able to do in 2 years. Barely a week after my fast and I've run so much, that I have to be prudent and cautious with it for the next few days so I don't injure my bad knee. I've kept my diet in check too, because I've decided that since I'm so close to my long lost abs, I might as well go for them. I also feel good these days, in an overall mental sense. Nothing all that great is going on. Work is atill work, with all the drama and long hours and nagging customers that that brings. I've still got bills to pay, but above it all, I feel good.

Upon skyping my friend, a doctor in Ukraine, I've been informed that most people living in America suffer from adrenal fatigue due to poor diet, insufficient rest, and stress. Which makes us feel bad, which leads to poor diet, elevated drinking, drug use-narcotic or pharmaceutical-, elevated drinking, insufficient rest, and stress, which leads to... a vicious cycle indeed. He suggests, because my adrenal glands have taken a vacation, that I feel good most of the time for no reason, when before I would feel bad or just simply... there. If you can understand that.

Anyhoo, the grand point I was making was don't be ashamed of your fast, enjoy it as much as you can and look forward to reaping the benefits. Above all, bitch, whine, piss, and moan as much as you want here, of all places. Most of the readers here have either done a Water Fast or are seriously contemplating one, which very few of your real world contemporaries would even consider one, without thinking it illogical and insane. We understand here, because we've been through it. We're not just here to post about our fasts, we're here to hold each other up.

I'll bet often times, that the only support a member of this forum has is other members and the words (s)he reads about other people who have undertaken or are currently undertaking something along the same lines they are. Me personally, I had no one in my own life who extended any support beyond detached indifference. Even my parents negativly criticized me when they heard, instead of offering constructive advice and answers--even though my father has fasted before and my mother helped him through it. I had questions that he could have answered that he wouldn't, because he disagreed with my reasons, methods, and age of fasting. Instead, I either learned myself or did research, mostly by scanning the archived pages of this forum. For instance, now that you are on a Water Fast and I have been through one, I can recommend very low sodium seltzer water and pulling your head back/looking up at the sky or ceiling and breathing very deep to alleviate heartburn which I certainly had a lot of during my water fast. Maybe you'll discover some natural way that can help alleviate other uncomfortable symptoms of fasting and help someone else out.

We are above, a community here and besides the occasional joker who pops up, we are all here for each other, so don't ever feel like you're putting us or potential fasters out by documenting your feeling, symptoms or ever what. One day, another 17 year old might drop by and look for information from someone his/her age about Water Fasting and you might be in a prime spot to pass some guidance along. Good fasting and take it easy. If it's easy, take it twice.

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