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Re: 1st Day of 40 Days Water Fast by BoristhePillager ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   8/22/2010 4:13:40 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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It should get easier, but part of it is totally mental. Sheer will and determination.

I have quit smoking, but I have wanted to the few times I've touched alcohol since I ended fasting. That will be my biggest problem. Drinking without smoking. I haven't been hammered yet since I stopped fasting, so we will see if I am able to resist the temptation when that comes about. I'm just going one day at a time with not smoking, because I've quit for long periods of time before (8 months, 50 days, 1 month, 3 weeks), so we'll see if I can stay the course. I most certainly hope I can.

I've kinda replaced one addiction with an old one though. I've been running up a storm. This morning was 7 times in 5 days, but I need to take it easy and rest maybe 2 days before the next run, I had to cut this last run short because my bad knee started giving me signals that if I kept it up, I'd be limping for 2 weeks. I used to love running around, football(both American and international), ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and all that jazz, and used to be able to do it when I smoked, but sometime around 21, I couldn't smoke and run anymore, so I stopped running... Hoping to keep to it myself.

My point is, it's not always failure if you have to stop something like a fast before your original goal. Like a lapse for me is not necessarily a relapse and even a relapse is not necessarily a failure. You just take this thing one day at a time, listen to your body and act accordingly. Discomfort, negative symptoms, and mental/physical food cravings are all part of a normal fast. My dad went 28 days and claimed to be physically hungry every day of it. However, if things get to be a bit too much, then you've gotta ask yourself if staying the course is worth the consequences. For me, it wasn't, but for me possible consequences involved changing a keg and keeling over alone in the beer cooler on a busy night and busting my head wide open; laying there bleeding for god knows how long while the staff inside ran their asses off and only peripherally wondered where the hell I was.

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