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Re: strong fecal odor coming from anus by mendedsoon ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   8/18/2010 6:05:48 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I mentioned a previous post from someone with an anal odour problem - I found it and have copied it below for information:

...............So last tuesday i had a bit of a lightbulb moment. I have suffered from FBO and BO thts has been compared to "stale" among other things for about dead on 2 years. I also have suffered from problems sitting down, uncomfortableness in small places and excessive anal sweating among other things. For me the anal sweating was what i think was causing the smell, for some reason i could sweat in my anus when the rest of my body was frezing, it was wierd.

I had tried multiple things to no avail, things i had were activated charcoal, chlorella, goldenseal, Liver Flushes , Colon Cleanses , probiotics etc. None of this stuff worked at all for me, its because i was looking at it the wrong way and trying to treat something that was fine mainly my stomach(which i though was causing this stuff to come from the anal area.

So as i said last tuesday i had a lightbulb moment, i was sitting on my bed and was feeling really uncomfortable when i thought to myself suddenly this isn't right. I shouldn't have any pain or uncomfortableness just sitting down, your bum is primarily for sitting down.

So i went down stairs, checked my anus in the mirror and it was bright red, like danger red, i had checked it previously about a year ago but it didn't click when i seen the colour of it. So when i checked it last tuesday i remembered back to seeing it years ago and it was like a mixture between purple and pink which is obviously normal.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks that i must have some sort of infection thats causing all these things. I put in things in google and came to the conclusion that i must have a bad anal yeast infection with a coinciding bacteria infection that is causing both the pain and the smell.

So i have a cream that i got from the doctor last month for eczema on the back which is called NIZORAL CREAM, i remembered that it was also good for treating yeast/fungel infections from when i was reading the leaflet that comes with it.

So i have been using that twice a day since, i have also been using Citricidal grape seed extract for the bacterial infection. Its a non toxic thing thats as good as Antibiotics when applying topically at killing bacteria without side effects. Read up on the stuff its great. So i put 10 drops in 4 ounces of water and apply it to the area 4 times a day(read up on the internet about tht) along with applying the nizoral cream twice a day aswell( I also drink the grapseed extract 3 times a day because it kills bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and other stuff in your stomach and leaves the good)

Within a day i started noticing a differnce, within two the pain was completely away and within 3 my anus was beginning to go back to its normal colour. The smell has also disapeared, so has the anal sweating which i was getting so accustomed to. I actually went out on saturday and had a drink with my brother and friends for the first time in a while and there was no reactions, no sweating after i started drinking etc.

I was working today and its the most normal ive felt in 2 years, we were hedge cutting and working in a close proximity to each other and because of the warm day both sweating but there was no reactions, i felt normal and the day went great.

So its been 5 days since i first tried it(started on tues, its now sun) and ive decided im gonna keep it up for another 5 days to make sure the infection is gone.

Hopefully if i can help someone else then it will be all worthwhile and it gives you a different perspective from the usual one of my diet and stomach is to blame for all my anal problems.

Anyways i would seriously consider speaking to your doctor about this if you have the sweaty anus thing when the rest of your body seems to be fine, any problems sitting down or uncomfortable feeling sitting down, also the red anus.

I must admit i feel great right now, i cant believe my doctor missed this( he is an idiot though who tried to give me pills that stop you sweating and make you feel horrible and obviously didnt help, it feels crazy that i've lost 2 years of my life for something that could have been prevented.

Obviously this aint gonna help everyone, some people are genuinely suffering from leaky gut etc and its coming from the pours but im willing to bet there are a lot of people with my symptoms and trying the stuff for leaky gut etc isn't gonna work.

Oh and sorry for the length of the article i went off on one, but its just because i genuinely feel like im back to normal and its a great feeling.


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