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Re: by BoristhePillager ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   8/9/2010 8:31:14 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I've noticed that I can smell the smoke off my roommates breath a lot clearer and it almost irritates me but I've been a dedicated smoker so long that I let it slide. Whether that's fasting or my sense of smell recovering due to not smoking, only the man in the sky knows.

I can definitly smell food a lot more clearly and it does bother me because I do want it, though am not hungry.

As far as my friend goes, that won't really work, because he's my age, with the metabolism of a sugar-high 8 year old, probably 3% body fat and in is better shape than Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3. He can also really really pack it away(tapeworm or something). Telling him the fatty food is bad for him is like spitting in the wind.

Luckily for me, he can't fight worth a damn and though he can outbench me, outrun me, or outsquat me(not by too much), we've had it out and though he's a fine brawler, I can still hand him his ass, so that keeps me from getting envious of him. I may not be in as good as shape as him, but I spent my teenage weekends and breaks working for my dads roofing crews, carrying bundles of shingle up ladders, so I do have construction strength).

I wouldn't even care about the extrs 10 pounds I was/am carrying(ketosis seems to be a bit slow kicking in), but this smoking habits gotta go. I'm 23 and I look 28 at absolute best, so I can't have that.

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