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Re: Information about my protocol(s) by Hveragerthi ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   7/24/2010 4:00:47 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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 I agree with everything but the last paragraph.

DMSO does not cause peroxide buildup 

That is not what I said.  I made no reference to DMSO and peroxide.

Don't scare people away from something that is so cheap and may be useful,...if it is crap, only out 8 bucks! No reason to sweat dmso!

DMSO can be dangerous if not used properly.   It will carry anything on the skin, even soap scum, in to the bloodstream.   It is not a benign substance as II have pointed out in the past:

Cesium,...well I am alive and well and did cesium,...4 days into target dose of 5 grams my lactic acid dropped radically. Keith Brewer stated it would interfere with fermentation,...well it did, I don't suppose I have to submit my blood test for you to believe me!

Cesium can lower neutralize lactic acid.  So do a lot of things from nettle leaf to baking soda.  But there is a lot more to cancer than the lactic acid cycle:

This is probably why the studies have not shown very positive results for cesium as a treatment for cancer.  Cesium is not benign either:

Sure there are more than one oxidation enzymes that breakdown various peroxides, catylase is by far the strongest, will break down millions of peroxide molecules just with one catylase molecule. People deficient in these enzymes will die from too much peroxide and that is how you can tell mechanisms by cross referencing and looking for cases of this condition, please don't lose the theme in the script.

Keep in mind that we need some peroxide, which is required for various things in the body.  This is why the body produces peroxide.  Over suppressing the presence of peroxide therefore leads to its own problems including immune suppression and advancement of cancer.

Ozone can cause hemolytic anemia,

Yes, IF in excessive concentrations.

so does buffered ascorbates

They don't have to be buffered.  Even regular ascorbic acid can do this, but again it takes excessive doses.  But  then again anything can be dangerous in excess.  Even too much eater or oxygen can kill a person.

All are pro oxidant therapies.

Not exactly.  Ascorbates are antioxidant in lower doses and pro-oxidant in high doses.

But splitting hairs aside,...lets not lose the forrest in the trees,...I am living, breathing, bitching proof that combining peroxide therapy and alkaline therapy is powerful medicine. Forget my Law Degree this is me talkin'.

And if we were in a court of law and I was examining you on the stand I could shred that statement by pointing out that during this time you were also eating food and drinking water.  So maybe it was the food and water that helped you, not the cesium.  I was going a little overboard there to make a point.  But we know from studies and scientific testing that peroxide does indeed cure cancer.  For that matter it is the same means by which NK cells destroy cancer cells in the body.  So I have no doubt that the peroxide went a long way to treating your condition.  But this does not mean that other things you were doing at the time such as eating whatever, drinking whatever, driving a car, playing golf, preparing motions or cesium had anything at all to do with it.  Again this is where scientific studies come in to verify the effects of treatments or the activity of substances on cells.  And studies have shown that cesium does not have a good track record on cancer.  On the other hand ozone therapy does, which again is in large part due to the formation of peroxides that selectively destroy the cancer cells when used at PROPER concentrations.


Karen the don't mess with me, don't cross me, I'll sue your ass off, cancer survivor

LOL!!!  My ex-business partner tried that crap.  I spent 3 1/2 years ripping his attorneys new ones.  He actually went through 5 attorneys as I got rid of one by one and I ended up with a nice judgement. And it is not over yet.  I am still planning on taking him and his mother to Federal Court next in a separate action for fraud violations.  So attorneys don't scare me.


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