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Re: Sadly ended by powerray ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   7/8/2010 3:05:36 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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... I have remembered! Here is what i was going to say also: i think the conventional "wisdom" about "refeeding" after a fast is totally screwed up. i think "refeeding" "protocols" actually just reinfest the body with bacteria, unnecessary bacteria, which basically re-addict the person to food. f*cking gross, and so sick!!! It's only in the presence of (sometimes rather food-specific) bacteria that (often rather food-specific) food addiction is present. i think the general population is in an unacknowledged state of food addiction that is deemed normal -- so sick! & the fasting community has not really broken away from this general addictedness to food, or even , for that matter, from the general fear of fasting... I do not know what the answer is , but I do know scientific research substantiates the relationship between the presence of (certain specific) intestinal bacteria and the addiction to (certain specific) food (search for a story referencing this, sometime in 2006-2007. [good luck]. wish I had a link and am sorry. I want to find a way to conclude a fast without this insane juice/fruit ritual people go through, rhapsodizing all the while about how great it all tastes bla bla (what the f*ck? 'nectar of the gods' bla bla, well I won't get into it).... I guess i think that somehow when one uses a food as comfort, bad effects occur; maybe the comfort-eating behavior somehow triggers bacterial overgrowth and -- then these bacteria cause cravings for more of the same comfort foods. ... somehow it must be possible to consume only NON triggering foods after a fast, and get out of the cycle. I think most fasts are not done to completion, and so the body fights the breaking of the fast, and you'll have pain when eating, and fruit/sugar is the most painless way to seduce the body back into its accustomed state of food addiction. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my thoughts.
best regards

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