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Re: Sadly ended by powerray ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   7/8/2010 2:45:50 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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dear speedingfaster...
thank u soooo much for this post... SO good to know someone else does what i do. Calorie counting (good adaptive practice i do NOT feel guilty about but wish i did not need), and fruit overeating... and thanks for the tip. i had not thought of blending greens. i GUESS i think whole unblended food is better (see idea of SOEF's , subtle organizing energy fields, in /around food. scientific research validating the principle of whole unprocessed food. & the principle of sprouted "living" foods. apparently the less processed & more alive the food, the stronger these SOEFs are. &, honestly, subjectively, the more "light" & non-seductive the food feels in the mouth.......sorry i have no link) ... my fruit problem may be solved now because i have actually gotten committed, COMMITTED! to diet of greens & living foods ONLY!!!! This is new. i actually have been taking time off from school/life/everything these past 6 months just to learn to fast at length and get committed to the living food only diet and limiting quantities eaten at any one sitting/within any given time period.... maybe we have similar microbial systemic dysbioses? candidiasis/colostridium difficile over-growth /other bacteria/ god knows what? such a complex problem & no super-clear solution with people/the general conventional "wisdom" advocating taking acidophilus/other microbial elements... BUT *I* believe naturopaths I have read who say the notion of "beneficial" bacteria was nonsense and that the colon at least was better off sterile, as it becomes after a long fast!!! ... I think (1) this acidophilus bacteria is taken because it eats yeast (candida) which is a problem for many -- but then you get the same problem as Australia had after importing mongooses to eat its many snakes.... right???? A mongoose problem! not that one has to be TOTALLY prudish about "messing with nature," but i think in this case there is a better way! (... fasting!) ... and (2) i forget what i was going to say. typical memory problem. i will try to remember. & post later. meanwhile keep me updated on your progress.


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