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i finally found list of foods low in choline for tmau! by missfizi ..... Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) Forum

Date:   6/27/2010 7:55:13 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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my friend and i have been online and in the library looking for the right nutrition guide for tmau sufferers, but all we kept getting was foods high in choline, today she came across some scientific study for a choline deficient diet for tmau. she didnt save the website but she saved the whole research on .pdf acrobat reader but i cant post it here, i tried! it keeps jumbling all up cos its in tables. this is really helpful because i realized that when i eat something wrong it seriously affects my odor. also it states there that you could have a minimum choline intake of 100mg if you are on a choline deficient diet, because if you have no choline at all it would cause, liver damage, bone malfunction and tarded growth, including pyscological malunctions. below is a list of really low choline food and their measurements, you could make delicious dishes out of these!

food measurement weight(g) choline(mg)

canola oil 1 tablespoon 14g 0.000mg
olive oil 1 tablespoon 14g 0.041mg

fruits and juices
pears 1/2 cup 133g 2.580mg
apple juice 6 oz 180g 3.312mg
grapes 1/2 cup 75g 4.454mg
peaches 1/2 cup 131g 4.454mg

catsup 1 tablespoon 15g 1.580mg
celery(raw) 1 stalk meduim 40g 2.456mg
cucumber raw 1/2 cup sliced 52g 3.094mg
pepper 1/2 cup chopped 75g 4.155mg
carrots raw 1/2 cup sliced 60g 5.274mg
carrots cooked 1/2 cup sliced 78g 6.841mg
tomatoes raw 1 meduim 125g 8.290mg

milk and diary (try as much as possible to avoid these)
creamer 1 teaspoon 2g 0.046mg
sour cream 1 tablespoon 12g 2.440mg
half and half 1 tablespoon 15g 2.523mg
egg whites 1/4 cup 60g 1.410mg

Saltine crackers 5 each 15g 2.939mg
Rice, cooked 1/2 cup 79g 1.643mg
Tortillas 1 medium 24g 3.185mg
Diet Coca-Cola 12 oz 355g 0.000mg
Brewed tea 1 cup 240g 0.888mg
Cranberry juice 6 oz 180g 2.034mg
Orange crush 12 oz 372g 2.158mg

"A full discussion of the treatment of trimethylaminuria
has been published elsewhere (36). These treatments include
restriction of choline intake, vitamin supplementation
with riboflavin and folate, restriction of dietary indoles
and glucosinolates, drug treatment with oral
Antibiotics , and the use of laxatives. The latter two treatments
are not feasible for long-term therapy. It is
likely that the FMO3 gene is polymorphic, and individuals
with different SNPs and heterozygous individuals
may present with milder forms of trimethylaminuria.
Therefore, different dietary levels of choline may be
appropriate, and our discussion of the treatment of
trimethylaminuria will be limited to choline-restricted
diets (36).
A low-choline diet that contains high-quality protein and
adequate amounts of breads, fruits, and vegetables can be
provided to individuals with trimethylaminuria. Acceptable/
palatable meal plans can be developed containing levels
of choline as low as 100 mg per day"

It is apparent that foods that are very high in choline,
including whole eggs, organ meats, cruciferous vegetables,legumes and legume products, fast foods, and some dairy
products, would need to be limited. For diets that are at the
lowest choline levels, one would include a variety of fruits
and vegetables. To meet adequate energy requirements, a
moderate amount of fats and oils and sweetened soft drinks
would be required.

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