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niclo question / general updates by John Dewormme ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   6/9/2010 3:02:22 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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The general consensus seems to be that niclosamide is effective against intestinal tapeworms. I could use that particular form of relief.

I have been trying to buy it for about a month. The only reliable pharmacy that seems to carry it is pharmacyeyescrow. However, they have been out-of stock for the past month or so, in both brand and generic. Guess there are plenty of others out there needing this medication. If someone could help me with the name of another pharmacy, I'd appreciate it, or perhaps I'll just have to wait on it to come back in stock.

In other news, my recent round of albendazole and mebendazole was a success. I took them more or less simultaneously, at high doses, with no hair loss or ill effects, maybe a bit more fatigue on occasion but nothing tragic. I ran out of the albendazole before the medendazole. After about another week on just mebendazole, I got 2 tapeworms, both about 6 inches long. I never thought I would be the type to do this, but I fished them out of the bowl with a stick from the yard and put them in a jar with listerine, which was the only chemical I had on-hand to put them in. I stuck the jar in the basement. My intention was to take a picture of them, on a paper plate beside a quarter for reference, when I got hold of a camera. However, about a week later when I got a camera, they had all but dissolved in the listerine. Anyway, back to the drugs, I guess I can conclude from that experience that mebendazole is actually more effective than albendazole, at least against intestinal tapeworm. I don't know if anyone wants to weigh in with any thoughts on that.

Also, I have been continuing to use triphala with success. Triphala has been removing smaller worms and flukes for me for some time. It works. I use the triphala gold product that I usually get on i herb. Just thought someone could use that info.

One more thing... I now know what it feels like to a have a worm crawling down the spine. The scattering that more or less seemed to begin when I took zimecterin gold continues. One lesson that I have learned is that when you begin to use drugs, try not to run out of money or drugs. I have a worm that has recently migrated down my back, he-she-it sits right at the point of my back that is hardest to scratch, as if it KNOWS where to stay... of course it does. (I have tried to squash it by pressing it against my spine, to no avail.) I wonder if you just have to continue with drugs once you start, once you open that can of worms.

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