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Re: Pinworm saga continues by wormwarrior ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/4/2010 12:59:38 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I had a bout of pinworms earlier this year while I was detoxing and had a hard time getting rid of them. When I took the vermox/Reese's pinworm medicine, it stirred up a lot of stuff I didn't realize I had, including the pinworms and didn't work.

It took me completely changing my diet (COMPLETELY) and doing a few other things to help. I've read elsewhere that the pinworms thrive on body that is too alkaline, and when people are pregnant (your body detoxifies when you're pregnant).

This is what worked for me:

For topical relief, combine about 2 tbsps of Vaseline and diatomaceous earth to a paste. Mix well together and spread over the affected area. This was a random idea I had one night and it felt a little strange (you will feel some movement), but by the next morning and the following days they seemed to have disappeared. It doesn't sting, doesn't irritate your skin, it simply draws them out of the skin. If you're a female, make sure to wear a pad so as not to ruin your panties. I only did this at night time because it was kind of messy, but it worked.

**I was taking diatomaceous earth orally as well (drinking it at night- 1 tbsps with a cup of water, mixed), but I don't know that I'd recommend that to a pregnant woman. You might want to check with your doctor before doing that.


No refined sugars, no breads, etc. If you need grains, make sure they are whole grain and use them sparingly (maybe 1-2 servings a day, and if you need more, then okay, but don't overdo it). Water, lots of veggies, organic eggs/meat/soaked almonds, garlic (this is key!), and some fruit (not too much). Eating oranges helped greatly, but be careful because two much acid can be harmful too.. so 1 a day might be okay for about a week or two. Apple juice and cranberry juice are okay.

It is all about the terrain in your body and balancing it. These things helped me and I am pinworm free again. :)

And exercise!! And get some sunshine! And breathe and smile and remember how beautiful the world is. :)

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