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i had mine done months ago by popeJohn3rd ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   3/8/2010 3:36:34 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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i finally had my upper wisdoms done after putting it off for awhile. if you have cavities in them it is best to get them pulled. there was a young boy who died because he had rotted teeth unpulled for so long (mother didn't have insurance) the bacteria somehow got in his brain and killed him. this can happen.
when i had mine pulled, it was horrible. my face swelled, breath was horrid and in some pain. i realized that infection had set in, plus i was passing splinters of bone (normal) i could even put my finger on my maxilla as some of it was exposed.
so i did an experiment an it worked like a charm. i gargled with salt water, try Sea Salt . then i took a vitamin c product called Radiant health or something like that but any vitamin c should be good, i took it with minute maid oj. i took about 3 small glasses of that a day with the powdered vit. c. not only did my gums heal perfectly, but some other skin problems i had for a long time healed. i think the extra vitamin c helped.
plus, once you get them pulled, you might see after a few days this white filmy stuff seemingly glued on your gums. i kept trying to pull this off, only later did i find that this is helpful in the healing process. it is the layer that germ (new) cells grow on which heals the gum line and prevents dry socket.

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