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Re: obama may well have had the worse 1st year of any president in history. by machaon.fl ..... Politics Debate Forum

Date:   12/21/2009 4:45:25 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Your proposals do nothing to address the problems with the economy.

You are using a common, naive technique to justify Obama's lack of experience, knowledge and failure, by blaming the messenger, ME!

Obama said that there are hundreds of billions of dollars of waste and fraud right now in Medicare and Medicaid, yet him and his lackeys want to expand Medicare to those aged 55 and up!? If Obama was a responsible, mature adult, instead of a corrupt, incompetent opportunist he would show that, at least he has the ability to plan, coordinate and implement "changes" to Medicare and Medicaid to eliminate the waste, corruption and fraud that costs hundreds of billions. If he cleaned up Medicare and Medicaid Obama would go down in History as an effective and honest leader, in that regard. But, no, he refuses to clean up Medicare and Medicaid because he is incapable of implementing, planning, analyzing or organizing anything other than running for office.

All it really does is prove what a racist you are.


So..... there you go again, defaming and criticising the messenger, me, instead of dealing with the real issue of Obama's lack of competence. What is it that you need to see in order to believe that we have a dangerously incompetent lackey in the White House. Atomic Bombs going off in our cities? Islamic Terrorist attacks in our schools, malls, sporting events......??? A broken economy, where unemployment is over 10%, taxes are high and decent health care is hard to find?


I always thought that atheism and racism were like oil and water.

Perhaps that is your problem. "Thinking"!





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