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Re: Sutherlandia OPC did NOT reverse my condition after 1 1/2 years. by #93809 ..... AIDS & HIV Forum

Date:   12/17/2009 4:52:06 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hey all,

Long read perhaps but well worth the effort:

Just an opinion using Sutherlandia OPC herbal cancer cure which, I feel, is a good adjunct to what you're doing. For me, I immediately felt my body say "It's about time"... FINALLY, GOSH<>GEEZ already... THANK YOU!

I stopped my meds about 1 1/2 years ago which was a HUGE and scary decision. Not worrying about taking those pills and feeling chained to the fridge gave me such a feeling of liberty and freedom & I felt as though I were hovering in the air in keen jubilation. : )
I knew I was on my way to maintaining and hopefully defeating AIDS now under MY control and not the medical I thought. Iif not curing it, at least controlling it without damaging my body more. Here is what I did along with taking the Sutherlandia OPC herbal cancer cure either one or two teaspoons a day as per directions. I started with the liquid and contacted Mark S. and he said the pills were a tad stronger (less expensive too by a bit) so after a year, I tried the caps as per direction for an additional 6 months.

Overview without too many details:
Basic Diet: I'm not gonna split hairs here.
Organic vegs, meats, poultry, whole grains, etc.
Supplements - A - Z ~ Amino Acids
CS to coconut oil. Selenium? Yep, Pau d' Arco, all of 'em
Inhaled (3%) H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) Low to no sugar. I use Steevia as a replacement (it can have a bitterness so it has to be blended and balanced).
parasite cleanses, flushes and Miracle-Mineral-Supplement also. I figured balancing a multi-targeted approach is a pretty intelligent thing. Now I didn't do all of this at the same time but I did continually took the S.OPC as my baseline botanimed (oh, I like that...botanimed) Too funny!

As to Sutherlandia OPC herbal cancer cure reversing my condition? - like it's supposed to, as in the many cases I read have been reversed or cured in Africa? NO, unfortunately it did not reverse my condition and you have a general idea of what else I used to support my health for 1 1/2 years.

My T-cells went way, way low, however, I was advised from the various CZ forums that that would happen, so I didn't freak out when I went to see my GP. as it was to be expected, however lately, I started presenting with all kinds of problems from eye trouble, Candida, eczema, and folliculitis all within a few months, so I'm back on the cocktail not because the other stuff didn't help and I'll go as far as saying, maybe, just perhaps it's a coincidence.?.but what to do? I felt the T-cells DO help fighting what's killing us since I felt things inside going downhill fast and was losing strength and hope and had to try something else after trying almost everything else.
So I meditated, listened to my body and prayed to God and what tipped the scales in favor of the meds came to me...I remembering reading various articles in mid 90's.
One of them was where those who were dying of AIDS in rest homes were getting better from the cocktail and eventually, walking out, (leaving the beds empty and the homes closed down) since not only were they feeling much better, they later got back into the work force and had a life again. I'm still teetering and am trying to crawl back to mine. I'm NOT advising anybody to do anything, however, this is just my experience so it's a neutral position because it's an experiment/experience and I think it's time to be honest about who and or where we put our faith. The LAST thing I want to do is take poison but it's better than rushing my death date. lol

As to the Sutherlandia OPC which Tony Isaacs supports and I believe with good reason, since I "felt" a positive reaction, on the other hand it did NOT REVERSE ANYTHING and had I continued on the way without the meds (which I am feeling better and the folliculitis and eczema seem to have abated greatly, I'm better. But NOT HAPPY that I can't take natural products considering the out of pocket expenses since my insurance covered none of the holistic protocol I was on.
Bottom line for me is I guess I'm re-toxifying my body but I was feeling I was definitely heading toward the end of my life journey so I opted for the meds.

Now this is important:
I haven't read ONE positive reaction from the Sutherlandia reversing AIDS except from the purported cases in Africa. It isn't that I disbelieve it and maybe there are testimonies but am I supposed to believe that they who were cured or healed or whatever is because of the climate change? I'm being facetious here but you get the picture.
Well, geez, if it worked on those people why not on us? I HOPE I'm mistaken and I'm NOT giving up on the holistic approach or S. OPC but I was literally melting away and hopefully I'll regain some of my old life back and then take another meds vacation and try it again.
Now, I HOPE something positive will manifest, if not, I guess I have to accept I'll be dead within several years, which is fine because I have no problem with dying and "crossing over" : )

So when I say I was struggling to decide whether or not to go back on it (the cocktail) or not is an understatement and yes, I opted for meds because the alternative stuff did not reverse or boost my T cells(to my STUNNED surprise) but I stayed on it anyway, I guess, waiting for "IT" to happen. ...The IT being a botanical didn't occur and my health was spiraling downhill too fast for me to do much and I don't have the money to go through another group of wholistic Drs. who know how to help me, if they can.
And no, I do NOT feel like it's been a waste of time and health because of this experience nor should you for experimenting to see what works for you. What is correct is we have freedom of choice and I felt GREAT about getting off meds where I feel ambivalent about the cocktail, however, if they can boost my immune system to fight off these recent occurrences of secondary diseases and hopefully make them disappear and maintain a healthy t cell count, that'll be fine. Then I'll just go off the meds on a regular basis but not let the T cells get below 200. Although it's said not to pay attention to the T cell count, in my case, I believe it's a HUGE marking line of demarcation.

I STILL recommend the OPC and I'm still taking it but I would like to really KNOW if somebody on CZ has benefited from it. I can't be the only one who has tried it for a length of time. So who of you out there has seen any NOTICEABLE benefits and what else are you taking, if anything. If I'm one of the unfortunate ones that does not get better, that's cool, but I'd like to know... HAS anyone improved using it???

Please don't bother asking me Q's about my diet and supplements because I only included the main ones and there are hundreds of dollars spent on those and others to keep me in optimum health according to the advice here. It was a choice I don't regret.



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