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I broke the rules on 3rd flush.. by Keep Flushin ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   8/19/2004 7:01:20 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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3rd Liver Flush:

I am at the end of what looks like a bad two week chest cold. Lots of dry coughing and waking up coughing up thick yellow flem and night attacks of coughing up as well.

I cannot afford to take off separately for my daughters Liver Flushes and my own so we doubled last night and both liver flushed at the same time with a few hours difference.

I had not prepared myself to LF. I had not eaten all day and had one meal as my last meal. Raw salad with a lot of beets, carrot, celery, added plain cooked potato. (no fat, no protein, no dairy) Drank lots of orange juice and switched to Tropicana's not concentrated Grapefruit juice instead.
eel caps, later three more Malic Acid caps.

After 4 hours and took the First Epson Salt with fresh pressed apple juice mixed with fresh pressed grapefruit juice. Waited 2 hours and downed my second, waited an hour and a half and downed half a cup of Olive-Oil threw a straw.

I really needed water so I sipped when ever I HAD too.

Followed by the juicing of 7 lemons = Half a cup of lemon juice.

I waited half an hour ( based off a recent Shellycat's posted suggestion) and downed the another half a cup of oil oil followed by another half a cup of freshed pressed lemon juice mixed with half a cup of fresh pressed grapefruit juice! As you imagine the cheap movie I downloaded at Movielink, called "Virgin Sisters" was starting too move on its own accord and making me sick. What a bad movie. I turned it off so as not to throw up.

I coughed all night, taking sips when I could not breathe. There was going to be no lieing still quietly for twenty minutes for me. :-(

THE MORNING AFTER: That same "chaff" stuff that was floating and a yellowtan on my first couple of flushes was now a cups worth and THICK. Almost stonelike formation. As thick as ?? Gee, of all the materials in the world I cannot come up with one that this stuff reminds me of other then unformed liver stones .

Regardless, a small mountain of the unformed formed in the collander. I rinsed it and it all fell threw.

Yes, I did the two morning Epson salts. Nothing much seemed to be going on until I thought I should do a 100% coffee enemy early. Again, I trusted my own instincts and followed threw just after after having to run to the store for OJ for my daughters P&B shakes.

Seeing is believing!!!! lol It hurt! Those monolithic stones flying out like that! About 7 seven of them with one leader of the pack. I swear the biggest stone looks like a huge mini Samari warrior wrestler. :-P I cannot count the rest of the smaller ones shooting out.

How do I feel, well, I am rehydrating on homemade veggie soup. Loving the heat and nutrients. I am still hacking away coughing but it is more productive having moisture now. Although, far more dangerous. Be forewarned: Yikes, coughing and no lower control is a bad combination. lol

I am using fresh lemon from now on instead of the grapefruit. And trusting my intincts. I figure whats the worst that is going to happen? No stones or getting this bad chest cold from stuck stones or what not?


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