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My experience with toxic mold, candida, multiple chemical sensitivity etc...any suggestions? by WantToHeal ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/22/2009 2:54:07 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I want to thank Curezone for making this forum available!

I was very sick from toxic mold 5 years ago including having candida, severe multiple chemical sensitivity,
and just about every symptom one could have. I made the mistake of seeking out doctors who were very expensive and even though holistic were just running expensive tests then guessing at what to give me. Some were even giving me vitamin drips loaded with sucrose that was just feeding the candida.I got well without medication by researching and treating myself with a very strict anti-candida diet, herbal anti- fungals, colonics and infra red sauna. It took a whole year to recover.

I was healthy for a few years including not being reactive anymore. Unfortunately I just got valley fever which is a
fungal infection and literally feel like I am dying. I starting detoxing too fast and got chest pains, my vision started to go, felt like I was on fire with pain everywhere. Now I am detoxing slower now, this is my protocol any suggestions?

Anti fungal rotation of herbs- multiple herbal blends seemed too intense so I rotate single herbs every 4 days

Diatamacous earth zeolite blend - Very Expensive given the cheap ingredients but seems to be absorbing the toxins from the die off so I may continue.

MMS - I am really cautious with this as I am scared of getting sicker or the long term effects so I just use in my enemas and as a mouth rinse. Wondering if the citric acid will cause tooth damage?

Collodial Silver - I have drank so much I'm surprised I am not silver by now. I am stopping though as I feel herbs are better for the body.

Fulvic minerals - Taking it for energy because just getting out of bed is hard yet not sure about the effects.

Biotin - This seems to help the candida and helps my hair from falling out so much.

Bentonite clay and psyllium - Had good results last time with this but without coloincs I feel it is constipating.

Probiotics - I have heard they don't help until the candida has died off but I take them anyway.

Milk thistle - It is ironic that I have never drank and always been healthy conscious yet my liver is so toxic due to the mold exposure.

I have realized that because Candida changes from yeast to a fungal parasite that I need to do a dewormer. I want to do Barefoot's tincture but wondering about the Sugar in the molasses and the ACV yet it may "bait" the candida into eating the dewormer. Anyone try this?

I am also thinking about Chinese bitters and gentle Liver Cleanses without the Epsom Salts . Anyone getting results with this?

I also was going to try Oxypowder as I am not elimating fast enough but was curious if this was better than a colon cleanser?

I removed my fillings but not sure I chelated enough so after parasite and Liver Cleanses I was going to do chorella and cilantro.

One thing that got me better the last time was a determined attitude that I was going to get well. Being so sick a second time has made me realize how precious life is. I have deep compassion for all of you that are suffering. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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