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Re: The problems with drinking distilled and R/O waters by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   10/20/2009 7:10:51 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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 Why not write a book, and then put a footnote in each of your messages when applicable, that everything you have ever written previously is expressly incorporated by reference therein ?

If I had to repeat everything that I have said on every subject I post on I would be posting a book with every posting.  This is why I expect people to use a little common sense when reading my posts.  Let's look at a few of my quotes:

*"When waters are demineralized, whether through R/O, resin exchange, or distillation they become more solvent."

*It takes what it comes in to contact with until it saturates."

*"When you take an excess of B vitamins or vitamin C how do they make it in to the urine to turn the urine bright yellow?  They are dissolved in and carried by water in to the urine.

When you form calcium oxalate stones, how did the calcium get in to the body in the first place to form the stones? It is dissolved and carried by water in to the body.

When we eat food how does the nutrition get from the gut in to the bloodstream, and then to where those nutrients are required by the body?  They are dissolved and carried by water.

How do we lose nutrients through sweat?  The nutrients are dissolved by water and carried out through the sweat."

*"Again, water is a solvent.  The more pure that water is the more solvent it will become.  And ultra pure waters, such as type 1 water, are actually so solvent that they actually become highly corrosive. Water will try to saturate with whatever it can dissolve, which includes vitamins and minerals.  This is the principle of how these nutrients get in to our body, and the primary way that they are removed from the body.  If the water is saturated with minerals ahead of time, such as spring water, the solvency of the water is greatly reduced."

*"A simple way to understand this is imagine I have two glasses both containing the same amount of water.  One glass is R/O water, and one is spring water.  Normally I use sugar in my analogy, but since we are talking nutrition lets go with vitamin C.  If I start stirring the vitamin C crystals in to the water the vitamin C will dissolve in both waters because the water is highly SOLVENT.  Guess what else we will observe with this experiment?  We will find that more vitamin C will dissolve in the R/O water than will dissolve in the spring water.  Why?  Because the spring water was already partially saturated, and thus had less solvency than the R/O water.  Therefore, we prove several important points here.  1. Water is solvent.  2. The more pure water is the more solvent it becomes.  3. Water will continue to dissolve until it becomes saturated, or in some cases can be made to supersaturate.  4. Water can and does dissolve nutrients allowing for their absorption and excretion."


*"And how do you suppose plants get their nutrients from the soil?  The minerals (nutrients) cannot be absorbed dry.  The fact is that water evaporates, which is natural distillation.  This naturally distilled, and therefore solvent water, then comes down as rain, snow, or fog.  As this purified water comes in to contact with the minerals, and organic material, of the soil and dust in the air it saturates with these nutrients just as it can do in the body.  This mineralized and otherwise saturated water is then used to irrigate crops.  And just as with the human body, the plants use the water to move the nutrients to their cells.


The short of it is that ANY purified water, whether it be R/O, distilled or some other form of deionization the water will be highly solvent. "

Now, with all that information about the solvency of water being dependent on the purity, and the statement  "If the water is saturated with minerals ahead of time", I really have to take someone by the hand and give them step by step explanations and instructions on saturating water before drinking it every time I post on purified waters?


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