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Re: The myth of chronic acidosis by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   10/8/2009 11:02:16 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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In a healthy body, respiration can primarily balance the pH of the blood. Respiration alone is not enough in an unhealthy body.

Which is why the body has many redundant systems to maintain proper pH.

Yes, the buffer system is taxed when it is off in either direction.

"This is why people should stop trying to force the body in to an alkaline condition. It just ends up creating other health problems and draining the wallet with overhyped and over priced alkalinizing gimmicks."

Its not about trying to FORCE the body but rather allowing it to return back to its normal state. For example if the stomach lacked its acidic pH, shouldn’t it be investigated and returned back to normal acidic pH?


When one is drinking alkaline waters or calcium hydroxide or magnesium oxide they are forcing the body in to a pH and putting stress on the body to deal with that drastic shift.


Same with internal system.

So what is this internal system if not blood?

There are gimmicks everywhere in healthcare, whether its immune builders, thyroid hormone balancing, weight loss, etc. Avoiding gimmicks is always good advice.

Not all of these are gimmicks.  Some herbs do boost the immune system, such as polysaccharides. There are herbs that can help with thyroid function such as seaweeds and ashwagandha.  And there are various herbs and supplements that can really help with weight loss such as chromium, bitter orange, bitters, etc.

The alkalinizing proponents suggest that to return the internal system back to its slightly alkaline state one must replace many of the cooked meals with fresh greens and fruits.

And again what are they alkalinizing if not the blood?


That is their main suggestion. Minerals (non-synthetic) and herbs can help but diet is most important. Plus a healthy lifestyle that include exercise, lots of fresh air, etc is of course beneficial. Those that eat poor diet and poor lifestyle tend to have imbalances in their internal system pH.


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