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DNA: it's not destiny by grzbear ..... News Forum

Date:   10/6/2009 9:34:19 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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URL: our cover story this month shows, growing evidence, popularized by the remarkable work of biologist Dr Bruce Lipton, convincingly demonstrates that our genes, far from being a pre-determined destiny, exist much as subatomic particles do—only as a potential.

We’re now beginning to understand that the environment that surrounds us—our diet, the quality of our air and water, the emotional climate of our family, the state of our relationships, our sense of fulfilment in life—has the most to do with what is ultimately expressed by our genes.

Although standard Science still adheres to the notion that a cell is controlled by its nucleus, scientists are learning that it is, in fact, the outside influences filtering through the cellular membrane that actually control the cell and, consequently, the behaviour and health of the whole organism.



Evidence is now mounting that environmental influences affect the expression of much of our ill health, including mental illness. Indeed, far from being a genetically inspired event, even women with a family history of Breast Cancer are more likely to get it from an environmental insult such as hormone replacement therapy.

This, of course, has extraordinary implications for modern medicine. It makes a nonsense of genetic manipulation or, indeed, of family history as a life—and death—sentence.

****What the new research under-scores is that health or disease is the sum total of how we live our lives. That places the responsibility for our health squarely back on our own shoulders, not those of our parents or grandparents.****

the rest at the link...

**** NOTE: the way your grandparents and parents ate and lived their lives DID influence your health... HOWEVER, YOU, and YOU alone are responsible NOW to change it for the better if you were dealt a poor hand from the seed of your ancestors.

AND, you owe it to any kids you may have to live the best you can for their health and well being.

There are many more who are working on and have proved this over and over... one wonders what impact this will have on the multi-billion dollar genetics industry.



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