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Re: How do you get wax out of your ears? by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   9/24/2009 7:25:33 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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 In addition to warm oil to work ear wax out...

Do you have any opinion about ozonating the oil before use in the ear?

This forms a lipid peroxide, which is great, but it takes quite a bit of ozonating to get much peroxide. Most of the effect will actually will be from free ozone.

And, do you have any opinion about ozonating distilled water and using that into the ear for a few minutes? I admit to doing the latter with a definite positive response. Like, 10 minutes of ozonating the distilled H2O, then immediate use.

Ozone and water form small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, but again most of your effect will be from the free ozone. And I still don't like any water products in the ear since the water can get trapped and breed pathogens.

Have also ozonated colloidal silver and done same.

This I definitely would not do. You will end up forming larger particles of silver oxide. This will precipitate out the silver. If you use it for other purposes it definitely should not be ingested.

These really do produce some very notable and quick responses. But wondered if you had an opinion on either of these methods?

The oil is fine but I would not ozonate colloidal silver.

I do make sure that the ear ducts are dry after doing any of this... and not by sticking stuff in them. But just through sane methods of drying.

Insane? Let's see, you put flower petals around your ear and let the hummingbirds suck the "ambrosia" out? You go the witch doctor and have your head shrunk to squeeze the water out? You have the Geico gecko lick your ears dry?


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