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Re: Tetanus Shot: persistent poison that increases the toxicity of other heavy metals. by Zoebess ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   7/23/2009 7:43:22 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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HA~! I would not describe myself
as "easy" under most circumstances,
but I truly did/do respect my vet
and she was adamant and even called
that evening to make sure I had gone.

Unfortunately, she had been ambivalent
with a couple of other people who had
also been cat bit and they ended up
being in the hospital for 2 weeks,
both of them. The situation was an
awful one with the cat's 83 year old
owner out of town and so I was really
stressed and wished I had had someone
to hold me back or refute the advice
of the vet. Prior to this I was not
fond of vaccines and always refused
flu shots etc. and advised my family
to avoid them too. So, HA~~temporary
insanity perhaps...adrenaline for
sure. When I had the reaction, I kept
thinking it was just the adrenaline
coursing through me. The truth was I
had just willingly subjected my body
to being poisoned. Now, the goal is
to calm down the immune reaction? I
am not sure exactly what I am doing
but I do not want to not do anything
and let my body down again...



ps. you are right about most folks
putting their faith in the white-coats
though. One of the housemates here
seemed pretty enthused about the trials
for swine H1N1 flu shots. Houston is
one of the trial places. I bet they will
have lines around the block to take
them. My housemate I was telling I
would never do it would love to have
one. I am hoping that the response to
shots will be so huge that those of us
not wanting them will fall through the

Here is a good little article~~be sure
to read the comment posted by "Sarah"

Of course when folks realize they have
no recourse when they experience side
effects and the government and pharmaceutical
companies are immune...well...time will
tell if they get away with giving shots
and if we get away without getting them~!


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