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Things to ask before you buy any Coral Calcium product by Martha aka magical ..... Coral Calcium Forum

Date:   2/9/2003 1:08:12 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Here are some questions you should ask of the company in which you decided to get your coral calcium from:

1. Does the product label show a patented/registration number for it's developement? and does it have a registration number for use in North America?

2. Where does the product come from?

3. Does the product carry any approval to ensure quality and/or statement to ensure the protection of the environment?

4. Who produces the product? Is there an established manufacturing facility in Japan to clean, preserve and protect the quality of the coral before it is shipped to North America?

5. Is the coral 'exclusive" to that company or is it simply private labeled so anyone can purchase it and put there own label on it?

6. Has the coral been sold through out Japan, Europe and North America, or is it just now being introduced to North America?
When did that coral come to North America?

7. Is the coral Kosher approved? (Kosher means: standard in the industry for purity and not contaminated by man.)

8. Does the coral have documentation that indicates the method of processing and the plant where it is packaged conforms to Food Sanitation Enforcement Regulations?

9. Does the coral come to North America in sealed, contaminated free package, or is it shipped in bulk, open to air and contaminants?

10. Does the coral have a track record for the last 10 years in Japan, Europe and North America, for quality and sales?

I've found a company that can answer all these questions and more, with Japanese govenment documentation and approval. If your interested in the best, the original and the time tested Coral Calcium. Email me and I'd be happy to share the information that I have.


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