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Re: Beauty and Sexual Power by Kathryn101 ..... Beauty Tips Support Forum

Date:   6/24/2009 7:31:35 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Molly...I think these are 'great' questions. And things
most of us have thought about but just haven't asked.

I'm 62...I have pretty good skin...but I've never been one
to wear much makeup. A touch of eyeliner under my eyes...& I'm good to go anywhere...or at least I 'do'. :-) I have
kind of shirley temple hair...meaning it's a little curly...fairly short...nothing really 'fixed' about real 'hairstyle'...but it's salt and pepper now.
At first...the graying of my hair drove me up the wall...
I kept thinking..."I don't wear makeup...I'm not a fixie dresser...and now my hair is getting gray, oh great!" I was afraid I'd look old to my husband & I sure didn't want
But on the other hand...he has never been one to think women look that good 'all painted up' he calls it.
So finally, one day...I just asked him if it bothered him
that I was getting gray and wasn't 'fixie'. He said, "Wy
no...why in the world would you ask that? When I look at
you...I see the girl I married...I don't even notice the
gray." He said, "People should be who they are inside...
not try to be somebody they're not...for other people"

One day...just a few months ago, actually. We were at Lowe's and we ran into his aunt who is actually just a couple of years older than us. Her hair is still black
as tar :-) and she was made up like she was on a Miss
America pageant. And she said to me..."I see you're letting your hair go gray...doesn't it bother you that
you're getting gray and you're looking older?" I said,
"Well to be honest...for a while it kind of did...but
then I realized...I'm just not 40 anymore. And I want
to age gracefully and gradually. I don't want to wake
up one morning on my 80th birthday..(if I'm blessed to live
that long) and find that I'm on my death bed and forgot
I was getting older because I had kept my hair black or
dark brown all these years. And really, I think there's
nothing more ridiculous looking than a 70 or 75 year old
woman with cold black hair...who do they think they're
fooling, anyway?" :-) and I said, "I think the most important thing is that we are true to ourselves and that
we be 'who we are deep down inside'...and what I am is
a 62 year old woman...and the classy thing to do about that is just to make the best of it."
She just said, "Wellllll."
Well I just saw her at the store after church last Sunday...and her cold black hair was 'frosted' :-)
not gray...but at least frosted.

I think it's important to be who we are inside. And it's
not the color of our hair...or if we wear enough makeup
that it could be scrapped off with a knife...or that we
bathe in enough cologne that we smell like a gutt wagon.
It's that we're clean, neat, and we shine from the inside
out regardless of our 'that' is what's important to me.
Did I actually answer any of the questions? I rambled on
until I even forgot what the questions were. :-)


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