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My 30 day cleanse and questions by naturalgirl ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   6/5/2009 9:07:54 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I apologize that the questions are redundant. First I did a solid juice fast for over a week with IF#1&2 and Superfood, P.Broth, and enemas every few days. It got to be at the point that it was causing concerns issues for others that I was having an eating disorder,getting addicted to herbs and blah, blah... I posted it before.
Anyways, to satisfy and stop the debates I added in some vegan food, mostly at night since thats when hubby is home anyways... So now I have stuck to EVERYTHING else including the If#1&2 and tons of water/superfood/juice/broth but have had some solid vegan now for the past 4 days, so without rambling any farther am I "off" the program now and not healing since I have added in solid food? I wanted to continue doing this book perfect but since I am not am I really compromising healing?Will healing come slower?(thats what I'm thinking) My solid food intake has been a few wheat crackers(nausea) and plain popcorn and veggie soup and chickpea soup and some homemade HOT salsa with some organic corn chips and veggies from a veggie plate.(stuff I brought to a Pen. game party where I had to eat something so I brought this stuff)

I so know you are busy and know you have told me before I could juice fast during the day and eat at night when he's home but just wanted to know IF I am compromising healing in a big way.
Just a reminder-I am trying to heal my bowel and liver (constipation and brain fog and plain toxin overload from living in a modern world) but no big doc. diagnosed issues. Thanks so much and sorry for the LONG post! I just want to do this as correct as possible. Many thanks!

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