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Re: Chelation and Humaworm by fledgling ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   5/31/2009 9:00:22 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi, Jen,

I know nothing about chelation, and even less about the initialed substances you mention...although many swear by Andy Cutler's method.

My own mercury comes from, at least, a mouthful of mercury amalgam fillings, which is a shame because, at 18, I had never had a cavity. Friends advised me to have a 'check-up', anyway...and I sat and watched in a hand-mirror while a dentist chipped a piece off the top of a molar, declared it 'soft' and in need of filling, and proceeded to drill.

That started it.

Things I have heard...

...The body covers difficult-to-manage toxic substances with biofilm or fat in order to bury it, with the least damage, in our tissues.

...Cilantro, and sulphur (as is released by cooking vegetables), 'stir up' mercury into the circulatory system, but, the bond these things form with mercury isn't strong enough to carry it to the elimination systems, and on out of the body.

...I read that mercury causes muscle weakness. I discovered, to my huge surprise, that I couldn't lift my grandchild with any certainty I wouldn't drop her...several years ago.

And, I have a dreadful time getting out of the bathtub, if I ever let myself sit in it. I know the correct moves...I just can't perform them. I mean, it is so embarrassing to call the paramedics or firemen, undressed!

You know the commercial where the lady says, calling for help, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" ...That's me. Watch how older folk walk slowly and uncertainly. That isn't because they are senile, you know.

The skin is a tremendous avenue of elimination...detoxing more than the other three organs of elimination...the lungs, the kidneys, and the bowels, combined.

Because of osmosis, a bath, footbath, or hand bath, in a 1% solution of Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salts will allow the skin to balance the mineral contents of the body, both in and out. What is needed goes in, and what is excessive, goes out.

But, if excessive mercury is buried in our tissues, and whatever can be eliminated through our skins, is...then wouldn't the body begin dumping more, out, the same way?

...Particularly if we have been eating foods that 'stir it up'?

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

That's why I feel quite weak today, I think.

Heavy metals are circulating...I'm pretty sure.

Probably I should stick my feet in a 5-gallon pail of a 1% solution of Himalayan Crystal Mineral 'salty'-tasting as tears...less than a cupful to the pail, or less, of water.

..For, say, 20 to 30 minutes, or more.

My theory is, if it's circulating, the more I can pull out through my skin, the better.

And, take's a great detox...if I can find the instructions for brewing it.

We are moving, again. Aren't we supposed to find everything we have been missing, when moving?

Of course, I could email Jade, at Customer Service. She'd send me a copy in a flash, wouldn't she?!

Now, will someone please find me a list of foods that DO bond well to mercury, and carry it on out, chop-chop?

The way I have felt this lovely warm day, I could easily have melted into the sand, and been detectable on the metal detector.


Hm-m-m... If Crystal Mineral Salts are electrolytes, and I have my feet in a bucket of them, is it safe to type online???


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