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Re: --tslate--answer--Bee Pollen--Good or Bad for Us?-- by tslate ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   5/27/2009 1:09:24 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi Moreless,

You said:
I may agree with you, "IF" mankind was not using Poisons sprays most everywhere?

Exactly, mankind is using poisons everywhere, so, the point?! You are staing the obvious.

You said:
Because the pollen of the plants is the Concentrated part of the plant this may also mean the Poisons may also be More Concentrated in these parts?

Depends on what you mean by concentrated. Pollen by definition is the male reproductive cell of the plant. Pollen is collected by bees but mostly drifts from plant to plant through air currents. It may be more accurate to state that pollen may pick up pesticide residues while traveling, but that's a big leap. But more to the point I would think there would be less pesticide residue in the pollen itself and more in the plant by comparison. It has been stated that pollen can survive a nuclear blast and fallout.

You said:
Again the Important Fact is one may use a Blood Pressure monitor to Determine if the Honey or Bees Pollen is loaded with Poisons or not !

In fact both honey and bee pollen in time will lower blood pressure(more so pollen) because it has the effect of cleaning blood. There are too many factors to use this as an accurate guide to determine poison level.

You Said:
We do not need studies as you ask for !

You really, really need them. Everyone needs them.

Everyone wants good health, will work for it, does not want to ingest poisons, but know they will. The confusion in the alternative health field is caused by people who make nonsensical claims without any kind of verification. To state that pollen is poisonous is FUD, to perform studies that indicate levels of toxic substances and nutritional components in a particular food is very important to a lot of people and very responsible. It is irresponsible to suggest otherwise. Without the extensive knowledge base provided by studies we might as well go back to the horse and buggy, which from what I can tell might be what you want.

Living in a industrialized world means that all those health seekers are doing so in an already polluted environment. Preaching that makes no sense, it's already known. Preaching that you can avoid some level of poisons also makes no sense, we cannot. Preaching that one can live outside the grid and obtain nirvana also makes no sense. Many of the stories regarding health claims come from those people and societies that in fact years ago were living outside of industrialized society but simply do not apply anymore. It is also very difficult to verify many of the stories, that's why studies are needed. Once the study is complete on a particular substance or protocol all the wild claims pretty much stop.

Almost all organic food and the least poisonous sources are already known, at least I do. A blood pressure monitor isn't going to change any of that.

If you want to research bee pollen and it's effects on one's health, it's been done. If you're bent on preaching about pesticide residues in foods, that's already been done too. But no one's stopping you from hiring a lab and people to test your theories and publishing them. That might be a bit more productive than trying to attack one of if not the all time health food on the planet.

I've ingested far more bee pollen than you or most people ever will and have been tested by alternative practitioners and the standard comment is they cannot believe how healthy I am. So if there's any residues I'm not showing issues from them, now or in the past. Like I said everytime I follow a course of pollen I just suffer from really good health. It doesn't happen overnight but eventually the impact is felt.

It might be nice if you actually experienced it yourself rather than just theorize about poison in pollen of which I've never experienced any negative effects. My health cannot improve to the extent it does if the overall effect on my personal eco-system was negative. So your theory that there are concentrated poisons in pollen that will negatively effect one's health is just a theory and not true as a personal testimony and not true from anything that I've read.

Okay so you don't like studies but your own protocol only travels by word-of-mouth, then so be it! Thou shalt produce at least one verifiable testimonial that shows any one taking pollen in quantity and a long period of time suffered ill health from it. Ignoring anyone with allergies and those ingesting impure pollen (not cleaned of extraneous materials). Go forth and seek the TRUTH so you can REAP the HARVEST. DO NOT speak with FORKED TONGUE any longer. DO NOT dwell in the land of SATAN. Seek thee the kingdom of the hive! Thus sayeth Pollen-Man.

I will keep ingesting pollen and it's poisonous residues (if any) and I will continue to be healthy and that's long term.

Good luck!

PS BTW, the computer you bought and use contributes to the overall pollution in the world. So while I appreciate your escapism you are a contributor like everyone else.


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