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Early Report by TheObserver ..... Essiac Tea Support Forum

Date:   5/24/2009 7:47:57 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Well I have only been using essiac tea for a week now. But I am so pleased with the TURBO charge as compared to anything I have done over the years.. You know you try this and that - get better get worse... Well I have slowly improved my health over the years but had stopped improving some what where I would fluctuate up and down depending on strict diet or lack there of...

OH problem - self diagnosed liver cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome - tested positive for gluten food allergy - have had digestive trouble from my teen years... Likely due to the gluten problem...

I read recently that fungus - candida - is linked to cancers... I suspect that I had candida and my system just ran down so much that my liver gave out... Well I was on some what of the Gerson plan for over 5+ years now - some what means my diet never matched what the Gerson plan requires but the coffee enemas I believe saved my life... but I never returned to 100%... I would say 60-65% operational level to what I was at 30 years old (about 20 years ago)

This essiac - I can tell the difference from the 1st 1/4 cup I drank - I felt a mind energy lift like I had drank a little coffee but no buss like coffee.. Well Friday I could not believe the sustained energy level I had. I washed 3 cars - cut the grass - adjusted the satellite dish trimmed 2 trees and was sweaty and stinky but not worn out.... That is just amazing for me!  Also my shoulder which dislocated by itself - well just the snap of using the fly swatter... this was about 6 months ago - It has slowly been healing but there is pain, popping, grinding and reduced range of motion as I try to use it... By the way; I read that cancer will send out enzymes which destroys the connective tissue etc... So I figured this was why but had no clue - I was taking H2O2 and MMS at the same time when it occurred - That may have eaten the tissue as well...  Yes I play mad doctor on myself...

ALSO Friday night we went out and I thought lets test this stuff - I took my shot of essic and then went to eat a burger fries and a chocolate shake. That should have gave me indigestion as well as mucho fatigue especially after all that work - I did take a 1/2 hour soak first with Epson salts baking soda and H2O2 before we went to dinner - Well all I got was a little bloating feeling from the shake... Simply amazing!

Anyway my shoulder feels better in just one week on the ecciac as well, I don't like to say tea cus the place said don't drain it - drink the full mixture so just shake it up and drink the semi thick stuff.

So lets give it 6 months and see where I am at.  But so far I have to say WOW! Just what I needed... I am very hopefull for 110% recovery :)

This blend is certified correct by a letter from Dr Charles A Bruch, MD


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