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Re: How I lost 100 pounds by Willowley ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   5/16/2009 11:12:57 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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What you have accomplished is absolutely AMAZING!  Congratulations are in order, over the 100 pound mark,WOW.

Your story just goes to prove that when a person makes up his/her mind to change the path of their life it is entirely possible but it takes dedication and willpower to stick with it.

I do agree with you in that fasting is a great tool to use to reset the taste buds. I was able to eat and not only eat but crave healthy foods after my 21 day fast. I'm eating, well drinking even more green super foods now that I've got my VitaMix.  Anyway fasting helped me to get on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  I lost weight on the fast of course but when I broke the fast I gained a little over a third of it back which is normal I think but I have been able to lose it again by eating mainly a plant based diet with some nuts, seeds and fruit.  I no longer eat all the unhealthy starchy foods I used to crave.  I have fasting to thank for that.

I just want to say that if someone wants to fast to lose weight and then goes right back to eating toxic food after the fast you'll gain all you lost plus you will most likely end up weighing more than you did prior to fasting.  Fasting for me was a launching pad into a whole new world of nutrition.  If you just want to lose a few pounds and go right back to the way you were before the fast I would say fasting isn't for you.

I have read about many health benefits you gain by fasting.  One of the reasons I wanted to fast was that I had been smoking for years and wanted to clear out my arteries, I can't prove that fasting did this but I sure do feel better since I quite smoking and I'm sure my arteries got rid of plaque that had accumulated over the years while I was fasting as this is what happens in a fasting state.  Your body consumes things that aren't supposed to be in your body.

Fasting is more than just not eating, its a state of the mind, you've got to be prepared mentally before you begin the fast.  That is my experience anyway.  The stronger you are mentally the easier your fast will be.  If you are constantly thinking of food and being hungry then your mind will tell you that you've got to eat.  Its really a mind over matter thing, I can't say it any plainer than that.

I have great respect for what you've accomplished Steve.  I admire your ability to stay dedicated to achieving your set goal.  So big KUDOS go to you.  May you live to be 120 years!

Willow Wink


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