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sinus or what?!!! by #57770 ..... Sinusitis, Sinus Infections Forum

Date:   7/28/2006 8:56:04 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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hi, I just posted here yesterday about a neighbors daughter who they think has glaucoma....I also mentioned that my son has very bad eyeproblems, and just now, the same symptoms started up again, VERY VERY BADLY...I wonder if this could be a's what used to start slowly, now, as of a few days ago, it comes on quicker. He has lots of "mesh" covering his eyes, he can see perfectly fine, during the day because he doesn't see the "mesh" in the sunlight, his eyes are NOT senstive to light (as with glaucoma), in fact, he NEEDS light so that he can't see the mesh. He ususaly gets a headache with this, like a sinus headache. He does get sinus headaches, so do I. My mother was the "sinus queen" and I remember her laying on her bed in such head and eye pain , it was awful...I'm thinking that could be this...also, he gets this feeling that his eyes are being pointed out, like as if someone has their fingers behind his EYEBALLS and is pushing outward, so he feels as if his eyes are "pointed"....we've noticd that when he's at work, this isn't half as bad. Yes, he ALWAYS had this "mesh" (which i think is prob. floaters) ALL THE TIME....but when he's at work, he doesn't notice it half as much, if not at all, because it is brightly lit. If he should go outside for a break, (he works at night, so it's dark) then the "mesh" is much worse, because it's dark. But, when he's at work, he doesn't get this bad a headache, or "pointed eyes" feeling, or whatever....mainly at home. Now, I realize this might then be some sort of allergy, no???. ... But, the problem RIGHTN NOW is that, this came on him SUDDENLY about a half hr. ago, it came fast this time...his EYEBALLS ARE HURTING, (he says it's like someone is stabbing his pupils!!!!!).... his head is hurting, he doesn't feel nauseas, no fever, no lightheadedness, no dizziness.....just the EYEBALL (pupil) PAIN, and it's pretty darn bad!!!!! He's taken to Benedryl, in hopes it'll help the pain, and the headache......

OK, a little update here ... it's been two days since the above post was made....during these last two days, he's slept a lot! He's eaten, and says he still has pressure in the head, and feels "empty" in there, but not bad at all.
He's had a little dizziness on and off, mainly lightheaded. He gets waves of lightheadedness. He really hasn't gotten that terrible eye stabbing again. He
does feel bad pressure when he tries to move his eyes around, which I think is sinus pressure, right? Now, we've been putting SWEDISH BITTERS on his eyes, with a compress. (he takes it internally too). I learned that from Maria Trebens site on Swedish Bitters, hopefully it'll work. This is a very popular remedy for many things in Europe, we just aren't to well eduated about that here. But on the site, (and other sites about swedish biters) it talks about "floaters" and things like that, so I hpe it'll get rid of those alwful floaters for him. He has a sort of a "screen" or "mesh" over the eyes....does that sound like sinus ? thanks!


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