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Re: O/T Mind if I revisit the boron/borax thang? (Gina, et al.) by Ginagirl ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   3/1/2009 5:11:04 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I am not sure,dont think so; borax is used for boron supplements, that is where the boron in capsules come from.

I believe that the most effective remedies in the world is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry; like iodine, vitamin c, magnesium, boron (?) etc. therfore their rda is set so low.
Anyone writing about it have to mention all the side effect; as here in the article; the author then cannot be attacked if anyone should ingest to much. I think the side effects he list up is the same as "we do not aim to treat"
"not regulated by FDA"

Lets take natrium-potassium. Salt has a bad press these days said to cause high blood pressure, fluid retention etc.
One of the "patients" of mine is a woman with both HBP ,fluid retention, + borderline diabetic, hypothyroid ++++
Well I put her on Iodine + Sea Salt to begin with. But she did one mistake; instead of half a teaspoon she took half a tablespoon of salt for each liter of water; 3 liter a day. That is quite a lot and one should think it would worsen her ailment; she was drinking this almost 3 weeks before she noticed her mistake.
What happened was that her wedding ring almost fell of her finger! Fluid actually left her body on that high amount of salt! She also slept better, less pain etc.
Let me put it this way; she is now my next guinea pig for borax. (she has Artrithis,fibromyalgy also)

Potassium on the other hand is known as the "good guy" a healthy mineral, yes, but did you know that one of the poisons they use to kill "death row" prisoners is potassium ? It is much easier to stop a heart with to much potassium than is natrium.
So bottom line is; do your own research, but start slow and low if you are scared. I was scared to death when I started on borax, and even more so when starting iodine, so I have no problem of understanding your resistance.


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