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Re: can I eat fruit while on humaworm? by tslate ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   2/21/2009 9:26:24 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Response to dfams1 comments on fruit below:

--Most foods take 4-6 hours in the stomach for digestion.--
No, a healthy person digests way under this in 1-2 hours. Depends on the acid level and available enzymes which breakdown the food. Long digestion is a result poor acid levels and of foods devoid of their own enzymes which must be substituted. In any event, digestion in the stomach at 4-6 hours is highly unusual.

The single best "fruit" for enzymes and digestion would be papaya. Other fruits may offer little if any help with digestion of other food substances except themselves, that's the way they are designed.

--The common misconceptions with things like fruit.... and parasites are that processed sugars .... DO almost completely go to the parasites, because the body does not assimilate such things---

The body assimilate's ALL foods we ingest, just not the way most people would like. Sugar will be processed as pure carb's but with negative effects, too much pure honey without the pollen, propolis and wax will cause problems and it's "natural" as it gets. You can get a sugar buzz on fruit and that's why people who claim only fruit as their food source end up totally screwed up after a few years. Fruit is highly over-rated and in fact only recently do we have the politically correct veggies keep pushing this nonsense.

---And once again the only thing that truly harms teeth are unprocessed sugars.---
Really! Eat fresh oranges everyday, brush your teeth ONCE a day and then report back to what has happened to your tooth enamel.

You can get parasites from anything including fruits and vegetables. Eating too much sugar does not help in any form.


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